Monday, March 5, 2012

This & That & WalMart on a Sunday

First, let me say this: Learning to tie a bow tie is difficult. I mean, wow, is this a weird knot. I’m an Eagle Scout, I know weird knots, and this is a weird knot. However, I will persevere, I will defeat this knot, and I will be rocking the real bow ties.

Oh, and the apple yesterday? Crunchy, and just a bit tart. It was a delicious apple, and a lot better for me than Cadbury Cream Egg Salad.

Does anyone else think it’s messed up that it’s snowing? Not necessarily that it’s snowing in March, because this is still Indiana, but the fact that it’s snowing after the warm weather last week, and the mess of bad weather on Friday, and then they’re talking about 60’s in the next couple of days? However, I guess I shouldn’t be too thrown off, since this IS Indiana. I remember going on a camping trip to a Boy Scout camp in Southern Indiana in July, and we had a freeze one night down there. In July. Yeah. I love this state.

So, it is Monday, which begins a fresh new week. However, I’m not doing any review of last week, nor am I writing down plans for this week. Why is that? Well, honestly, I have been having a lousy time keeping up with them, so I’m just trying to center myself, and start March off fresh.

Speaking of centering myself and starting fresh, have you ever tried shopping at a WalMart on a Sunday, especially in the early afternoon? If you are wanting to test your ability to keep a positive attitude, test your ability to be patient with your fellow man, and just generally test yourself every which way, do it. If you REALLY want it to be a full test, try hitting the one on 96 th Street in Fishers, because then you have all the traffic to test you as well. My trip yesterday involved people cutting over from the onramp lanes to I-69, to cutting across the parking lot lanes, ignoring the traffic going the right direction. Inside the store, I had people camped out in front of products for 10 minutes, looking at nutritional info with their cart blocking everything else. There was a woman going through produce that the poor team member had yet had a chance to put on the shelf, with her cart abandoned in the middle of the aisle, with other people’s carts around it so the aisle was completely blocked off. There was a man right in the middle of the toothbrushes, just staring. Then, you hit the blessed Free Sample kiosks, which we won’t get started on. So what did I do around this?

I pushed my cart carefully, I peeked out before I left an aisle and went into another one. I was friendly, I was smiling, I helped people get things off high shelves, I yielded to people in tight packed aisles, and I generally took my time and tried to be pleasant. It made it better for me, hopefully better for others, and it went by quickly. Plus, it was a shock to see the look on their faces when I was helpful and considerate, especially when I was like that to the employees.

Everybody, this week and every week, try to do the same. If we’d all be a bit more patient and friendly, we’d all have a better week.

Make it a great one, Tony

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