Thursday, May 31, 2012

Non Sequitur

It’s a new day. It’s going to be a good day. So let’s get started.
Get started with what? I’m not quite sure.
It would probably help my life if I had any semblance of a plan, but I really don’t. However, I’m not going to dwell on that.
By the way, I’m still amazed at how many random Fax Machine calls I receive at the main switchboard here at work.
Why won’t my wife let me paint the Scion xB Tardis Blue, complete with a Police Box decal on the front windshield? I mean, it’s a box, it’s roomier than it looks so that means it’s bigger on the inside, and it’s been in enough accidents that I don’t consider it the original shade of yellow that the Release Edition 2.0 was painted with. Seriously, I even saw a great personalized plate up on Reddit: We can call it the “Cardis.”
I also love how people come into work and complain that the conference rooms are all booked when they “needed” one. You need an entire conference room to make a sales call, solo, on a speaker phone? Really? Also, why didn’t you just go in an BOOK IT before someone else did? Yes, I understand that we’re growing out of our office space, but we’re going someplace larger soon, so just suck it up and stop complaining to me, when I have told you a dozen times that I have no control over those rooms.
So, does anyone have any recommendations on a good way to go about finding a house to rent? I’ve always viewed Craigslist as rather sketchy and never had good luck with it, the newspaper is a bit of work, and a lot of rental sites just show complexes. A realtor, perhaps? Tips?
Also, as a bit of a TMI note, I really need to stop drinking so much in the morning. A bottle of water, a glass of green tea, a breakfast shake, and more water means it’s a long wait until my break at 10:30.
Why is it so hard to remember your name badge/key card? I’ve been here two years, not once forgotten mine. There are people here who forget weekly.
And I’m out for the day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Construction Land

As I’ve said on here before, I live off of Craig Rd. between Castleton Square Mall and I-69, and work at one of the office buildings in Keystone at the Crossing, normally just driving down 82nd Street to and from work. However, there are also times that I like to use 96th Street, especially since the traffic on 82nd is nuts, and people like to park in the middle of intersections.
For the last few weeks, though, 96th has been bad at Allisonville Road due to some “improvements” that they’re making that I don’t quite understand and don’t really sound like improvements. It involves “Michigan Lefts” and a bunch of other malarkey that I don’t quite understand. Either way, it has backed up 96th Street and made it not an attractive driving option, so I’ve had to deal with the douchers on 82nd.
However, starting last night, this drive might be even more fun since they have closed down Allisonville Road bridge crossing over I-465. For all intents and purposes, Allisonville Road between 82nd Street and Castleton Square Mall doesn’t exist. I’m pretty curious/partially dreading finding out what this is going to do to my evening commute, especially since they’re changing traffic patterns on 82nd Street to help accommodate the extra traffic.
And go figure, my lease isn’t up until this fall.
As I'm fighting the madness on the way home tonight, I’m dropping by Downtown Comics in Castleton to pick up the first issue of the Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, which I’ve actually read fairly favorable reviews on. Okay, ONE favorable review, but at least it was favorable and not from a Doctor Who fan, either.
And speaking of Doctor Who, I received my late birthday/early Father’s Day present from Shannon and the Geekling last night: a River Song Sonic Screwdriver and Dalek keychain, which is pretty dang sweet. Now, I have THREE Sonic Screwdrivers! WOO HOO!

I guess we know Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks that it could be more sonic.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Day Weekend Wrapup

I was pondering writing a posting yesterday, but I saw a wonderful tweet that essentially said that the person doesn’t care about reading blog posts, he wants to spend time with their family and drink beer. I then realized that I didn’t care about writing a blog post, I wanted to spend time with my family and make/drink beer as well.
And of course, post on The Twitter, but that doesn’t actually take any time or thinking.
The weekend was filled with grocery shopping, house cleaning, and friends. Saturday evening we went to some old friends for an evening of swimming, eating, and conversation while our little ones played. The Geekling was sad to go, but also exhausted, and cried herself to sleep before we were even out of their neighborhood. She didn’t even fight much when we got home and I carried her from her car seat to her bed.
Sunday was a bit of shopping while everyone else was going mental about cars driving fast. Shannon had to replace some stuff at Bath and Body Works, and we bought the Geekling some new shoes. Then, to Meijer for inexpensive barbeque supplies, and home to make burgers and brats. Now, I need to research what the heck we used for the grill, because it wasn’t charcoal and it sucked. We have a small tailgating grill that we keep on our patio, and we saw a “instant fire” product that fit perfectly. We tried it, and it doesn’t work well. The flames are static, burn too hot, you can’t adjust the heat by spreading out coals, and it burnt the outside of the burgers while keeping the inside pink. I’ve honestly blocked out the name, but if you see something that fits this description, do not buy!
Monday was my bonus day, where I got paid like I was at work but in reality I didn’t show up. This day was filled with a little more shopping, including a run to Great Fermentations to pick up some bottle caps. I’ve started another batch in the old Mr. Beer kit, using the other one that came with it. This time, it’s a Classic American Blonde Ale. Once again, not one I would normally drink, but it’s giving me more practice so I won’t foul up one that I WILL want to drink. So now, this will sit in its Little Brown Keg (LBK) for the next few weeks before I bottle it up, to sit for a few more weeks as I hope the bottles don’t explode, then to condition for a few MORE weeks before it is (hopefully) ready to drink. So, this was done after the Geekling was put down for the evening. Other than that, it was a day of seeing our friends, again, as they returned my house key which I dropped the night before, and putting a new/used computer desk in our room and getting rid of the old table that was in its place.
So I have no idea what this week will bring. I know Wednesday I have to drop by Downtown Comics to pick up the first issue of the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.
Don’t judge me.
Thursday night is Tour De Thursdays in Carmel, so I’ll be pulling the bike back out for that. I need to, because my knee is almost healed.
And that’s enough for the day. I’ll catch you all later!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Retail Therapy

Happy Geek Pride Day, Towel Day, Carb Day, Follow Friday, 35th Anniversary of Star Wars, and Roast Beef Socks Day!
So, I got a bit of cash for my birthday, so yesterday I took ANOTHER half day, grabbed my girls, and went out for a bit of retail therapy. With money being tight, Shannon’s been a bit down, so we hit Goodwill, Dollar Tree, and Castleton Square.
Goodwill didn’t have much this time around, so we bounced next door to Dollar Tree. There, we picked up some bbq tools and a small toy for the Geekling, then bounced over to Castleton Square with the idea of getting Shannon a Doctor Who t-shirt from Hot Topic, because they carry that sort of thing.
First place we stopped was FYE, because they used to carry a LOT of Doctor Who stuff around Christmas, but the last time I stopped in they had just a couple action figures and that was it.
They had Sonic Screwdrivers, they had action figures, they had playsets and cookie jars and coffee mugs.
And they had this.
It’s called an Adipose, which is living fat, and Mary loves them. Unfortunately, it was a little dirty, worn, and expensive, and she was not a happy camper when we left without it. However, this is her next Amazon gift card gift, so I promised her that she will be getting an Adipose, just not today.
Moving down to Hot Topic, we were disappointed with their selection of shirts and toys, which we had heard was good. However, across the hall from Hot Topic is The Disney Store.
Did you know The Disney Store gives a toddler enough strength and dexterity to drag her 265 lb. father across a crowded mall hallway? Yep, that really happened. Anyway, while we were there, she fell in love with a Nala plush from The Lion King, and since Daddy is a sucker, she now has a Nala in her plush menagerie, and I was able to escape without doing too much more damage to my wallet.
Shannon’s big day was at Bath & Body Works, where she picked up some candles, air fresheners, and lotions that made her feel a lot better. Bonus: the apartment no longer smells like whatever foul concoction the apartment behind ours always seems to be cooking.
For me, we dropped back by FYE on the way out and I ran in, SOLO this time, and grabbed this.

I already have the 10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, and I love the design of the 11th, so I’ve been wanting this for a while. It makes me happy, and it’s currently here at my desk with me along side my towel.
Retail therapy might not make the most sense sometimes, but when you’re given money with the idea to help you relax and forget your troubles, sometimes that what you need to do, and to not share that is a crime.
I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend, and I might try to get some stuff up, even though I’m off work until Tuesday.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

35th Birthday Rundown

First things first: if you’re one of those people who rush into an intersection and block it when your traffic signal turns red, you’re one of the worst people out there. This seems to apply to anyone crossing 82nd Street going south on Allisonville Road, and anybody turning onto or driving on 82nd Street between Allisonville Road and I-69 after about 4:30PM on a weekday. Those people make me want to punch them in their stupid self-absorbed heads.
Taking a deep breath.
Let’s continue.
After leaving work yesterday, things calmed down a bit. My parents came over with a big box for my birthday, which the Geekling helped me to open. Inside that box?
Yep. This really happened.
Yes, that is a pile of fitness supplements from Vitamin Shoppe. Don’t ask me what they are, because I have no idea. Part of my goal today is to figure out what they are. I know one is for joints, one is a multi-vitamin, and the big one is chocolate flavored. Past there? No idea. Why did they get me these? They heard me talking with my little brother about what he uses when he works out, and they knew I wouldn’t buy any of it myself, so there ya go. Makes sense.
Shannon made me my gift:
Tardis on Paper
It’s a picture of the Tardis done using an art kit that I bought Shannon for Christmas a few years ago that I’ve been bugging her to use. I love this because she finally used the kit, it’s Doctor Who, and it’s made by her.
The Geekling? She gave me a poopie diaper. I know she reached deep inside for something to give daddy, and I find that touching.
After all was said and done, we headed over to Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th Street for dinner. Fried Dill Pickles were tasty, the Irish Stout Burger with loaded Waffle Fries was the reason I’m starting to exercise again, and the German Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream was just awesome. Top it off with a Wee Mac from Sun King, and it was a good evening. Forget Brewstone, I need more Scotty’s in my life. This would be very possible if I had the money to eat out more, but this is my go-to now for the question “Where do you want to eat?”
Finally, after getting home, I used some Microsoft Points I won from the Xbox Support Twitter Account to purchase Minecraft for the Xbox, and proceeded to mine and craft for the next few hours until it was time to awesomely fold clothes and head to bed.
Throwing in all the birthday wishes from my friends on The Twitter and The Book of Faces, it was an enjoyable day. Thank you to all who helped make it awesome!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday and Monetization

So, twice today, I’ve went to write down the date, and almost written it as 05/23/1977. Is this normal? According to my co-workers and people on The Twitter, no. It’s not normal at all.  However, let’s be honest. Up until today, how many times have I typed or written 05/23/2012 or May 23, 2012? And how many times have I typed or written 05/23/1977 or May 23, 1977?
Yeah, so stop looking at me like that.
Even though I had no feedback yesterday on the blog post, based on feedback from The Twitter, I’ve decided we’re going to Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th Street tonight for dinner. I’ve been to the location downtown for a Bloodfin Garrison meeting, and I liked what I saw, so I’m harboring good hopes for this visit.
Today is very busy at the ole’ workplace, strangely enough. How busy, you might ask? It’s taken me two hours to write this much. I’ve had name badges to make, visitors to direct, conference rooms to manage, sales people to deflect, and the random bagel to accept. In between, I’ve had a few random Tweetings to make, plus my morning e-mail to my wife. So far, enough to fill the last now 2.5 hours and keep me from writing.
Now, before I cut you all loose from my in-depth and deep writing, I have a question. If I started to, on occasion, put a link to an Amazon product in my postings, would you be irritated, or just not take notice? I’m trying to pull in pennies when I can, and when I’m talking about a movie, a video game, or other product, I was thinking about using the Amazon Partner program to point to what I was talking about, and if someone picked it up, I would get a small cut.
How do you feel about that? Please, let me know your feelings on that. I doubt anything will come of it, but I’m trying what I can.
Talk at you tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Eats and Thoughts

So when did Indiana stop giving you your driver’s license when you actually passed the test? You know, take test, confirm identity, take photo, sign pad, get license?  Now, they’re like Cali, where they ship it to you, and give you a temporary license print-out in case you need it? Oh yeah, this is going to work real well if I want a drink on my birthday. However, yes, I did pass the written test and I’m now legal in Indiana again, and I did it in time for my birthday.
Yes, my birthday is tomorrow. I was debating whether or not to post about it, but since I’m running dry on ideas, I figured why not? The reason I was hesitant about posting about it is because it feels like I’m fishing for “Happy Birthday” messages, or gifts, which is not the case. Up until recently, I didn’t even have my birthday posted on Facebook, so there wouldn’t be an influx of messages on there about it.
I guess I like celebrating other’s birthdays, but mine I’m just kind of “Meh” over. Sure, I like getting stuff, who doesn’t? However, I guess I feel guilty when we’re wanting for items, and I’m getting gifts. So, when people ask me what I want for my birthday, I get torn. Sure, I’d love to get a new movie or video game, but I need new pants. Yet, while I need new pants, the Geekling has grown out of hers, so she needs them more than I do, but how do I ask for something for her for my birthday without people arguing that my birthday gifts should be for me?
So, it’s best that I just try to ignore it, at least in my broken little world.
One thing I do enjoy, though, is a meal. My parents have a tendency to bring us “wherever we want” for a birthday meal. Now, my brother and I aren’t greedy, we don’t insist on Ruth’s Chris or St. Elmo’s or anyplace really fancy. When we were younger, it was Showbiz Pizza. When we were a little older, it was Welliver’s in Hagerstown or the New Orleans House in Indy. However, now that we’re older, have families, and none of those places exist any longer, we look for someplace a little more family friendly.
Personally, I’m also looking for someplace a bit more “local” as well. Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th Street is looking like a strong possibility, however I know of a good burger at the Castleton Grill as well.
Essentially, what I’m looking for is someplace around Castleton/Keystone at the Crossing, that is accommodating of a toddler, that has a decent beer selection.
Does anyone have any ideas? Any tips? Please let me know in the comments.
Bear in mind, this is tomorrow night.
Talk to you tomorrow,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebuilding The Other Blogs

So I went ahead and did it.
Over the weekend, I nuked my other blogs to start from scratch, and started re-installing Wordpress on my webspace/server/webhost/whatever you call it.
Yeah, can’t you tell that I REALLY know what I’m doing? This is why I fail. Anyway.
I love when I redo a website. I have a tendency not to get stuck in the way I originally built it. I have the ability to look at new templates, new designs, and make it work and look just a little bit better than last time. Plus, it gets my creative juices flowing.
The blogs I work on are based around comic book shops, board and role playing game stores, hobby shops, and conventions. I just know what it’s like to go to a city, and being curious as to if there are any good comic shops, or places to play a pick-up game of D&D, or where to get strips of styrene at the last minute. However, I do want it to be a positive read. There are too many Comic Book Guy’s blogging about what they think the “Worst (Insert Geek Thing Here) Ever” is. So, I have a tendency to praise the shops I have good experiences at, and just do a simple, fact filled post about the shops where I don’t have a good experience. I want it to be positive, but I also want to warn about someplace that just doesn’t give good service, or a good experience. It’s a very fine line I try to walk, trying to keep from gushing at one location where I might have had an abnormally good experience, and warning away from a place where the clerk might have just been having a really rough day.
Now, there are a few places that I just know are decent. They are places I’ve consistently had good experiences with since before there was any question whether Han shot first. I kind of want to do something extra for those, or for my Convention write ups, or for just random things like that.
Why not do a podcast?
Not an audio one. I’ve done one before with some friends, and it’s great fun, but it’s not quite what I want for my website.
What I was thinking was actually going in with a camera and mic and talking with my fellow geeks. If it’s a shop, I’ll get permission and give advanced warning before stopping in. If it’s a convention, I’ll talk to some vendors, I’ll talk to some attendees, I’ll talk to some costumers. I want to shoot video so people can really get a FEEL for the store and the event. Plus, I can start a Geeking YouTube channel, where I’m not just doing the Indiana or SoCal stuff, but also put up events like the Lexington Comic Con, which doesn’t fit in to any of those.
I’m really trying to get creative again, however, I need to remember to pace myself and work back up to it. As much as I’d love to get interviewing and set up the video, I don’t own a video camera or microphone. I don’t own video editing software. So, first, I need to get the site back up, then I’ll focus on “plussing” the site out.
However, enough about talking about other blogs I’m working on. I’ll find something more inane to post about tomorrow.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Troxell Pack

First things first, I stayed upright last night during the ride. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go on.
My first foray on putting my life on display on the internet was a Geocities website that I built from scratch using a copy of HTML for Dummies and Notepad. It was the 90’s, so of course I experimented with frames, flashing gifs, background images, even a background midi that stayed on the site for about a minute and a half before I realized how FRAKKING ANNOYING THEY WERE and I didn’t want to be part of the problem.
Over the years, the site evolved as I acquired a copy of Dreamweaver and a girlfriend, who became my fiancé, who became my wife, who became a mother. From Indiana to California, back to Indiana, to California, that Geocities site was there through my engagement, my wedding, the loss of one child, and the birth of the Geekling. I was able to keep updating that site with a cleaner image and interface until just after the Geekling was born, when Geocities was deemed unprofitable by Yahoo! and shut down.
When I received the word that it was being shut down, I started a Troxell Pack blog on However, not long after, my computer started to crap out, then life happened, and then honestly, I forgot about it.
Recently, some friends have been posting on their blogs, and some of their posts I wanted to comment on. Well, you need a Wordpress account in order to do that, so that was the reminder that I had the account. I used that to follow and comment on the blogs, and when one followed me back, that reminded me that I hadn’t really used it. I’ve had it since 2009, and it has somewhere in the neighborhood of five posts.
I’ve started posting on there again. It’s not going to be as often as when I post here, and the posts aren’t going to be as long. Since it’s called “The Troxell Pack,” I’m going to be using it to post little anecdotes about the “pack.” Funny things the Geekling has done, accomplishments of Shannon’s, projects we’re doing, things like that. This blog will remain stupid thoughts of mine, and the Pack blog will be a bit more family oriented.
Before I go, I want to show some love to the blogs that I follow on there. Check them out, they’re written by good people: is the thoughts of someone I never thought would have a blog. is the thoughts of someone with many blogs, all a great joy to read!
I’m sure I’ll be following more in the future, and when I do, I’ll figure out how to list them on there.
So feel free to check them all out if you so wish!
Have a great weekend,

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Biking To Work

Well, this is going to be my second week rocking Tour De Thursdays with CarmelPedals. My bike and helmet are in the car, I’ve got a change of clothes under my desk, and I think I’ve figured out where the annoying clicking noise came from during my ride last week.
And yes, the clicking noise was there before I laid my bike over, so don’t give me that.
I’m looking forward to another beautiful ride around the city of Carmel with a bunch of good people. I really wish my family could ride along, but Shannon isn’t too keen on riding a bike right now, and I really don’t think I could keep the Geekling confined in a bike trailer or seat for that amount of time.
I’ve had a couple people today remind me that tomorrow is National Ride Your Bike to Work Day. Now, if this was something that I felt safe doing, then EVERY day would be Ride My Bike to Work Day. I live 3 miles from the office, and in the complex is a workout center with showers and a changing area, so even if I do get a bit funky, it’s okay. Really, especially with only one car, this should be a no brainer, right?
My path will take me either to 96th Street, or 82nd Street, from Craig Rd. between Castleton Square Mall and I-69 to Keystone at the Crossing. Both of those make me cross Allisonville Rd. after 5PM on the way home. There are no bike paths between there and here, just a ton of impatient drivers who barely pay attention to traffic signals or other vehicles, let alone some poor fat geek on a bicycle.
I admit that I’m afraid to ride to work. I know that the chances of me ending up as a hood ornament on some Beemer because the D-Bag in the driver’s seat was too busy updating their Facebook to pay attention to where they were going are pretty dang good. Let’s face it, at least once a commute I almost have someone smack into my BRIGHT YELLOW CAR. I drive a BRIGHT YELLOW BOX down the road. If people can’t see that, what hope do I have riding a bicycle around here?
Hopefully, when they move the office this fall, I’ll be able to find a place close enough to make riding a reality. However, until then, I just hope my car doesn’t get hit again, and enjoy my Thursday rides around Carmel.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Indiana Driver's License Time

So I’ve learned that studying the Indiana Driver’s Manual makes you even MORE frustrated when you see people doing stupid stuff on your commute home. Now, you might be wondering why I’m studying the Indiana Driver’s Manual. Well, even if you aren’t, I’m going to tell you why, because this is my blog and it’s kinda what I do.
I took my original written and driving test back in 2004 after I turned 17. Yeah, I started later than most in my rural school due to an auto accident that set me back a little bit. For most people, that’s good. Just go in before your license expires and BAM! You take a vision test, get a new picture, pay your fee, and you’re good to go. However, I have a tendency to decide to move across the country on occasion.
I moved to California in 2000, and kept my Indiana license for a while, until it expired on my birthday in 2002. Then, I had to take a written test for the state of California, since I hadn’t passed their exam which is obviously VERY different from other states. So I took their test, and then promptly moved back to Indiana a few months later.
When I came back to Indiana, I went to get my Indiana Driver’s License back. I went to the office in New Castle, waited patiently for my number to be called, went to the counter, and the BMV told me that I had to take a written test again. Um, excuse me? I’ve had an Indiana Driver’s License before. I gave them my name, my former address, and my license number, which I have memorized for some reason. The person behind the counter smiled, told me that yes, I was in the system, and proceeded to slide a test over to me.
Now, what sucks about the tests is that it doesn’t just have the common sense stuff on it, which many people should fail in the first place. It has the questions like “You should signal your intention to turn at least:” and things like that. Questions that you REALLY question, because who is going to think “Two more feet before I can use my turn signal… one more foot before I can use my turn signal…” There are 16 sign identifications and 34 questions, and you can only miss 2 signs and 6 questions. So this you kind of have to study for.
Well, I passed the license test, got my Indiana License, and then turned around and moved BACK out to California in 2007, where I had to do the whole thing again. And now, here I am, back in Indiana, with a California license that’s going to expire again, so it’s time to jump through the hoops once more.
So now I’m sitting here at work, with a PDF of the manual on my desktop, browsing and studying between calls, hoping to get these distances memorized between now and Saturday morning, which is the only time I have to go get this happy little task done.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poppin Fresh

Where I work, our dress code is “Business Casual,” things like polo shirts, khakis, and the like. Sure, I come in normally wearing a button up shirt and either a bow tie or a regular tie, but most of the guys just wear a polo shirt, button up shirt, or even a bowling shirt. Plus, most do pretty well, keeping in mind that we are a place of business and trying to look even semi-professional.
However, we have this one kid that keeps coming in with a popped collar on his polo shirt. Yes, he will come into a place of business, where he is employed, with his polo shirt collar standing straight up like a shield, a shield keeping all of his insecurities safe inside his neck. The icing on the cake is when he comes in with a pink polo shirt, or something from Hollister.
Me, I like to call him Poppin’ Fresh.
And now, you know where the #WorkOrJerseyShore hashtag I use on Twitter comes from.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Good morning, everybody! Did you all remember to wish the mothers in your life a good day yesterday?
I hope so.
Well, it’s Monday and I had a pretty full weekend. I grabbed dinner from Brewstone on the way home. I can honestly say that the more I’ve worked with them, and the more I’ve tried their food, the more I’m not sure about them. I was using a $25 gift card to them, won on Twitter. You can’t get much food there for $25, but we got a pair of A1 Mushroom Burgers. They were kind of dry, and you didn’t get many fries with them. However, they’re still getting their business settled, and they’re still fairly new, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.
After dinner on Friday, I walked down to the Starbucks near my apartment. Josh and The Kahuna were there working on their podcast, so I had to be nosy and stop by to see what was going on, with their blessing. I had fun, met new people, got some more pictures that will forever dash any aspirations I might have of entering the political arena, all in the span of about 30 minutes.
Saturday was a normal day filled with cleaning and toddler wrangling, with a bit of shopping thrown in for fun. And by fun, I mean picking up essentials to keep us fed for another few weeks.
Sunday was Mother’s Day. My family all met at my parent’s house, where the menfolk did all the work while the womenfolk relaxed and played with the wee ones. Burgers, brats, and swimming were to be had, and I think mostly everyone had a good time. I know my mother was happy to have us all there, even when the two toddlers decided to run off because they didn't want to leave at the end.
When we got home Sunday evening, I did hear a bit of bad news. Donald “Duck” Dunn, the bass player for The Blues Brothers and Booker T & The MG’s, passed away in his sleep at the age of 70. Normally, celebrity deaths don’t do anything for me more than an “Dang it, I liked their work,” or in the case of some of them, “Yes. They did drugs until their body shut down. Shut up, already.” However, I’ve been a big Blues Brothers fan for years, and not just because of Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi. The actual band that backed them up was outstanding, and “Duck” Dunn was a part of that band. I owned all the albums, even the regular Blues Brothers Band album, and I had seen the band play at the Slippery Noodle back in 1997. The world lost a good musician yesterday, and that really bums me out.
This week is another week in the life of Tony. I’m planning on hitting Tour De Thursday again in Carmel, this time attempting to remain upright through the entire ride, and I might also try to catch Avengers, if I can get the chance. I am anxiously awaiting the results of an interview I had on Friday for a new position in the company. Plus, we have more cleaning and organizing to do around the apartment.
I know this is going to be an awesome week coming up, and I thank you all for sticking with me through my inane writings.
See you tomorrow,

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tour De Thursday

Good morning, people!
Well, I guess it’s the question of the day: Did I go through with the Ride?
Heck, yes! And it was a great time! I had the chance to meet some great people, see some beautiful parts of Carmel, and just generally have a good time. The ride was about 8 miles, and took about an hour. There was a great group of people, including the entire BGKahuna Clan, showing that this really can be a family affair.
The 8 mile trek started at the SoHo Gallery off of 126th and Rangeline, and we went down 126th St. down to a residential area. We rode through there,  stopping for a break at a Fire Station open house. From there we biked to the Monon, which we took down to the Japanese Garden, then back to the SoHo Gallery.
I wish I could tell you more about the path we took, but honestly, I am not THAT familiar with Carmel. Heck, it’s the first time I’ve done anything on the Monon Trail, since it’s not generally in my area of travel, and I really don’t know many people that live in the area, so being able to see stuff like the Japanese Garden, the Monon Center, and just some of the scenery was really nice.
Now, there is one other thing about this. If you remember, yesterday I closed with “Finally, wish me luck once more on my ride tonight. I’ll consider it a success if I don’t wipe out during it.”
Yeah, well…
And this was after it was cleaned. Yes, I'm wearing shorts.
I’m not going to go into details, but I know it was requested that I try it again for photos and video. And this was 10 minutes into the ride. I don't even think we'd gone a mile.
Even with now having the distinction of being the first “casualty” of Tour De Thursdays, the ride was a great experience, and I’m already looking forward to next Thursday. If there is anybody reading that has been thinking about doing this, I can let you know that it’s a great group and great fun, even if you’re a beginner level Klutz. Plus, now you don’t have to worry about being the first person to eat it on the ride.
I know I’ll be back again next week.
After I practice my corners a bit more.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


All right, folks! We’re making it! We’ve almost got another work week in the can! I use a lot of exclamation marks!!!
Good Thursday to you all! It is a beautiful, crisp morning out there, and I should know, since I’ve been up since 4AM this morning. Dang, it makes me tired just thinking about it. I’ve already been up 4 hours, and McDonald’s is still serving breakfast. That just doesn’t seem right to me. My hats off to those of you who do this on a regular basis.
So I’m here at the front desk, writing and drinking my coffee while buzzing employees in and answering the occasional call, and like always, I’m wondering what to write. CNN is blabbing on beside me, which sometimes gives me ideas, but I’m not touching the subject of mothers who breastfeed their 3-year-olds with a ten meter cattle prod. I’m ready for the bike ride tonight, having a packed a bag that’s at my feet under the desk, and my bike is in the back of the car.
Oh yes, it’s fun fitting a bicycle in the back of a Scion xB.  It works, just have to take out the child seat, lay the back seats down, push the passenger seat up, and position the front wheel JUST right. I’d get a bike rack, but unless this becomes something I do on a regular basis, that just seems like an unneeded expense, especially as I’m trying to find a way to just break even financially every month.
And so far, while writing this, I’ve had two calls come in, both fax machines. I mean, really? It’s 2012, and I’m still getting fax machines calling my work line? You’re all killing me slowly inside, people. Killing me slowly with your fax machine song.
Finally, wish me luck once more on my ride tonight. I’ll consider it a success if I don’t wipe out during it.
Now, I’m off to chug my coffee and grab another cup. This is going to be a long day, but I can donut.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back on the Bike

Good morning, everybody! Let’s see if I can spew out some mental vomit before they make me work!
Now, I’m not complaining about having to work at my job, that’s what they pay me for, after all. I love my job, and that’s why I try not to blog much about it. I don’t want to put anything out there that can be misconstrued as me speaking poorly about them. So let us move away from this subject, shall we?
So, tomorrow I’m going to pull my bike out of storage for National Bike Month, which is this month. The bike needs to stay in a closet because the Geekling thinks it’s a jungle gym, and there’s not really anyplace else in our apartment to keep it.
Oh, and did I mention that this storage closet is normally blocked by a couch? Yeah, it’s not very conducive to riding. I was able to use it more when the girls were gone, just because I could leave it out. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. But anyway…
Part of that group I mentioned in my Follow Friday and Marathons posts do something called Carmel Pedals.  This was started by Bruce Kimball and Carmel Cyclery, and according to their Twitter profile, they “Promote recreational bicycle riding where no spandex is required – beginners to avid #TourDeThursdays every Thurs 6:30 PM @SohoCafeGallery
So let me check this… no spandex, thank gawd. Beginners? Yeah, I think I’ve put myself back in that category. A ton of links in one paragraph? Yep, there’s another goal I never knew I had achieved.
I remember when I was younger, and I used to have to ride my bike to get anywhere. I would do 4, 6, even 10 miles without a real sweat. Now, I’m breaking a sweat just pulling my bike out of the closet. So, I’m a bit nervous about my ability to keep up with the group. I’ve been told by my Twitter Friends that it’s a nice, leisurely ride.
And if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its bum when it hopped.
Yeah, I’m kind of anxious about doing this ride, but sometimes you have to take yourself out of the comfort zone and just do it. I want to do this ride, and I want to do it with this group. The people I know and have met are very supportive people, but I still have flashbacks to high school where I got mocked for my failed attempts at doing anything physical. I know that isn’t going to happen here, but I think I’ve said before that I’m a bit broken in the brainpan, so it’s still a thought going through my head.
Anyway, between this and the upcoming Tap N Run, I’m going to be getting out of my comfort zone to try to enjoy fun activities with new people. I guess that’s what you really need to do in life, get out of that comfort zone and live.
And now I need to watch Wall*E again.
After I get the bike out of the closet.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Got a joke for you

Sometimes, the best laid plans are torn asunder.

As many of you know, I like to write this blog as I'm getting started at work. The first hour is normally fairly slow, so I have the opportunity to get some thoughts down and uploaded.

However, today I have been running since before I clocked it.

So today, I will leave you with a joke.

Knock knock.

(You say "Who's there?")

(Did you say it?)



(You know your line)


Think about it.



Monday, May 7, 2012

Weird Al

Good morning, peoples and spambots, it’s Monday morning. It’s time to look the upcoming week square in the eye, take charge, and rush headlong into the fray. Or, if you prefer, you can look the upcoming week square in the eye, whimper, and crawl back under the covers.
Hey, I don’t judge.
Last night, I had a chance to head over to the Murat Theater downtown to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert with my little brother. I saw him there a few years ago when he was touring for Straight Outta Lynwood, also with my brother, so when he had a chance to score “Royalty” tickets, he snagged a couple for us.
Now, I guess Royalty tickets mean you get valet parking, a private waiting area with snacks and over-priced beer, and guaranteed balcony seating. We were two rows back on the left side of the balcony, as you were facing the stage. Really good seats, especially for the price, but there was a cymbal blocking Bermuda, so I could only see his arms as proof there was a real person on the drum set.
I love how the show starts out with “Fun Zone” from UHF. Just music, no lyrics, good way to get you going. The band then came on stage, and opened with one of their polka medleys, in this case “Polka Face” from Alpocalypse.
I wrote down the set list, but I really don’t want to go through every song. Besides, the concert isn’t just about what songs are played, although there was a excellent mix of his material from his earlier records (remember, he’s been doing this since vinyl was a thing) to his newest album. No, another major part is the visual aspect. After he did the first few songs, they start playing video clips on a screen over the stage. These clips are from his media appearances, references to him on shows like The Simpsons or King of the Hill, and bits from his Nerdist TV show, “Face to Face with Weird Al Yankovic.” These help cover the time for the costume changes. Grunge with cheerleaders for “Smells Like Nirvana.” Beards and hats for “Amish Paradise.” A fat suit for “Fat.” Oh, and a Jungle Cruise Skipper costume for “Skipper Dan!”
Yep, he played it.
The finale is always excellent, where they all dress like Jedi and perform “The Saga Begins” and “Yoda.” This also gives the opportunity for the local 501st Garrison to come on stage as part of the backdrop. Way to go, Bloodfin Garrison! That looked like a lot of fun!
If you ever have a chance to see him, it is an excellent show and an excellent experience. It is amazing seeing this man, and the energy he puts forward on his shows. Plus, for him to remain relevant while many people he’s parodied have faded into the shadows, you have to respect that.
Thank you to my little brother for bringing me to this. Again. It’s not always the event, but also the company that makes this enjoyable.
I’ll see you all tomorrow,

Friday, May 4, 2012


Good morning, people! It’s Friday! That magical day where work seems to take forever to end, where the drive home seems longer, but the beer seems tastier when you get there.
Yesterday, I wrote about a lot of really cool things that were going on this weekend, most of which I won’t have a chance to participate in. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get over it. However, I hope some of you get a chance to get out and do some of the cool stuff. I know that party at City Market tonight is supposed to be a lot of fun, and I’m already hearing a lot of good buzz from people who caught the midnight showing of Avengers.
Now, there is another big event going on this weekend that I have no urge or inclination to participate in, and that’s the 500 Festival Mini Marathon. I’m not one of those types who have “Completing a marathon” on their bucket list. Heck, as we’ve found out this year, I suck at completing lists. Why make a bucket list? Anyway, cramming in with 34,999 other people and running until my feet hurt isn’t my cup of tea.
And this is just a mini. No disrespect to my friends who actually DO run marathons, but there is no way that you’re going to get me to do something that involves the possibility of bleeding nipples.
Seriously, google it.
On second thought, don’t. Just take my word for it.
So, my little brother has been “training” for this for the past few months, and by training, I mean running around his neighborhood for a while and then crawling on his hands and knees up the stairs to his recliner. The thing is, he’s actually in shape. If you get the two of us together, you’d be hard pressed to tell that this is my brother. So yeah, doing something like that is not in the cards for me.
Now, something that MIGHT be in the cards is the Tap N’ Run 4K coming up this June in Broad Ripple. It’s a 4K that involves beer, costumes, and good times. To my understanding, if you race for time, then you’re not doing it right. It just seems like a good time, and although I do have a dislike for the part of town known as Broad Ripple, it still looks like it will be worth it. Now, if only their website didn’t have so many pictures of people in their underwear, I’d be able to look into it at work…
Oh, and thanks to @CS_indy on Twitter for including me in his joke tweet about this “race.” I really appreciate it, as it looks very relevant to my interests. I’ve always wanted a marathon medal that doubles as a bottle opener.
I guess I do have a bucket list after all.
See you all later,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Good morning, everybody! The end of the week is almost upon us, and I for one am glad. After all, isn’t everybody working for the weekend, really? However, there is a lot of cool stuff going on this weekend, and since I can’t afford any of it, I just want it passed so I can stop seeing things about it.
First, on Friday night, there is a May the 4th party at City Market that’s Star Wars-themed, that is being done to benefit Movember and Prostate Cancer research. There will be a silent auction, catacomb tours, and a costume contest, and it looks pretty spiffy.
Also, it’s the premier of Avengers, even though TECHNICALLY that’s considered Friday morning, since it has a midnight release tonight. I really want to see this, but since the amount of money that they as for tickets for films these days can feed my family for a day and a half....
Saturday starts out with Free Comic Book Day, happening at Comic Book Shops nationwide. Some shops turn this into a big deal, so you might want to check it out.
That afternoon, from 2-6PM, Who North America opens up its warehouse for an Open House, allowing you to shop without making an appointment or shopping online. I would love to stop in, pick up some Doctor Who merch and get my picture taken by the Tardis, but that’s just not in the cards.
Then, on Sunday, well, that’s laundry day. Nothing exciting there, except for maybe Weird Al Yankovic that night! Like I mentioned earlier, my little brother scored tickets and, despite my reluctance to go to a concert when I’m flat broke since that just doesn’t seem to be a thing you should do, I was talked into it by family, friends, and strangers on the internet. This will actually be the second time I’ve seen Weird Al in concert at the Murat/Old National Center, and the third time I’ve seen him over all.
Cool geek things coming up this weekend, so I hope some of you have a chance to go out and enjoy it! Plus, throw in some warm weather, and there might be a reason to step outside.
I’ll see you tomorrow,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices

Good morning, everybody!
And it’s Wednesday. That’s another day down for this week, and my, it’s been a week. In all seriousness, I couldn’t tell you precisely what has happened this week. I know I trained someone yesterday, and I know that some Doctor Who was watched. I know that I have made my daughter giggle, and I have tried to make my wife happy. However, past there?
As you probably know, I have to sit at the front desk at my job all day with CNN playing on a TV in the lobby beside me. Most of the time, I’m fairly good at blocking out the jabber spilling out of the mouths of the people on there, but occasionally there is a story that catches my attention.
Today, they were doing a story about someone who was reprimanded by the FAA for recording during take-off using his iPad. The reason that they knew was because he recorded birds being sucked into the engine and it had been circulating. Now, I’m sure there were other parts to the story, but I was just annoyed by one of the arguments being spewed by the person who got the notice from the FAA. You’ve probably heard the argument before, and perhaps even used it yourself.
There’s “no proof” that the electronic devices actually interfere with flight instruments, so I don’t have to pay attention to the instructions that say to turn them off.
You’re thinking that, because you read online that your mobile device doesn’t actually interfere with the airplane, that you’re above listening to instructions from the flight attendant? You can’t go without your iPad, tablet, or MP3 player for the amount of time it takes to take off and get to the appropriate height? You’re above anything like that, no pun intended?
Now, I’m not arguing over the rule itself. Do I think it’s foolish? Yes. However, do I pay attention? Yes. Why? Because this is a civilized society, with rules that we have to follow. Some of the rules are stupid, like how Middletown, Indiana is changing all of their Speed Limits from the 25-40 MPH range to a flat 20 MPH “in the interests of a more uniform speed limit.” That doesn’t make sense, but will Barney Fife listen as he writes you a ticket? Nope. It’s a rule that you have to follow.
That’s what this Electronic Devices during take-off is. Is it stupid? Yes. However, is it a rule in place? Yes. To think you can just ignore it is… well, honestly, it makes you a self-entitled jackhole and if you’re sitting beside me, trying to hide your Droid X from the flight attendant as they’re checking, I’m seriously trying to fight the urge to insert said mobile device into one of your body’s natural orifices, my pick. And to go on a National News Network and put out there that you don’t think it makes sense, and you’re above those rules? Well congratulations, you have just outed yourself as a self-important douchnozzle on CNN.
I’m sorry, but this really makes me mad. People who think that they are more important than everyone else. Those people who wait until the last minute to get into a turn lane or an off ramp. Those people who gun it to the head of the line in a construction zone and cut in at the last minute. Those people who put a faster running time for a marathon so they don’t have to wait as long to start and then walk the entire route, blocking up the path for the actual runners. The people who will put one person in line at an attraction at Disneyland for 2 hours while the other 10 people go ride something else, and then expect their entire party to be let in at the front of the line.
Seriously, I could let this list go on, but it just infuriates me. I would never think of jumping in line. I would never think about a tech on the phone, saying that I’ve been waiting “for days” for a callback when the ticket shows they called an hour ago. Why do people think that they’re too good to wait, to follow rules, or to be patient and courteous? What does it take to wire a person to think that they can park in a Handicapped Parking Spot because they don’t want to walk from farther in the parking lot? And why are we not allowed to do any rewiring work upside their head with an aluminum baseball bat?
Okay, this is turning into an aimless, rambling rant, so I’d better just quit while I’m ahead. Just seriously, people, don’t be dicks. You’re not better than me. I’m not better than you. We’re all in this together, so let’s work together and try to make it less crappy.
Til Tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Concert on Sunday

Top of the morning to you! Even though, I guess it’s almost the afternoon, since I’ve been training a backup here at work all morning! So, I’ll be keeping this short, but fairly relevant.
So, even though I’m broke as you can almost be without being in a third-world country, I guess I’m going to see Weird Al on Sunday. My little brother got free tickets, and they talked me into going. They being my brother and my wife and random people on the internet.
This will be my second time seeing him in concert, and my third time seeing him, having met him at a funny music convention in Chicago back in the late 90’s.
I hope he plays Skipper Dan.
See you tomorrow,