Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Little Things Pile Up

Happy Pi Day.

You know, normally I don’t have much to complain about, but sometimes the little stuff piles up. I’m still dealing with a burst water heater from last week, and while they did have someone come in and clean all the carpets, the fumes from the cleaning chemicals kept me awake most of the night and I had a headache most of Tuesday. Luckily, it was warm enough that I could have the windows open to air it out a bit, so it could have been worse. When I went home Tuesday, the fumes weren’t nearly as bad.

Tuesday evening, as I was starting to get some more files transferred from my dying laptop to the new desktop, bam! All the lights go out, and my laptop goes to battery power. I get up and look out the patio door, and there are lights on across the pond on the other side of the complex. I check my breaker box, nothing’s been switched. Then I look out the Geekling’s window, and everything is dark on our side of the complex. So, I just finish laying out my stuff for the morning and crawl into bed. Right as I’m starting to pass out, everything comes back on. I’m STILL trying to figure out what made the screeching beep when the power came back on, but I nearly soiled myself. So, I reset everything, hook the wifi back up, and pass out.

2AM. At 2AM I’m awakened by my upstairs neighbors who think it’s acceptable to not tread lightly when it’s late, at let’s admit, 2AM is LATE. It took me a half hour to get back to sleep over the thrum of their TV and the fact that they could not stand still in the room above my bedroom. I really don’t want to come off like a jerk, especially since we have a toddler who doesn’t understand the phrase “inside voice” when playing inside, but seriously. I need to have a talk with them and let them know how not cool it is. That way, if it continues, I will not feel bad or hesitate to start filing complaints at the office. If they DO decide to bring up the Geekling, then I will have to pull out their constantly barking/howling beagle.

So I finally get back to sleep, and my alarm goes off this morning. As I’m getting dressed, I go to put the tie on, and the knot isn’t working with me again. This is seriously not cool. Before the power went out last night, I did a quick practice run and nailed it. I wake up this morning, and go to put on the tie, follow the same steps, and it doesn’t work for me. So, I’m rocking the clip on again.

It’s all stupid little stuff, but it’s the sort of stuff that piles up and gets to you. Now, it’s Wednesday, and I’m exhausted, dark circles under my eyes, and ready for 5PM to get here at 9AM. I have to keep listening to CNN which is never good for my attitude. However, I will make it. I always do.

They say that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger. I’d rather stick with free weights.

Hope we all have a better day,

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