Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Monday, Again

Good Monday, everybody. Did we have a good weekend? Have we got all of the complaining about Daylight Saving Time out of our system? I do hope so, I’m personally running out of ways to politely tell people to move to Arizona or Hawaii.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy weekend for me. After work on Friday, I had to drive down to the Wyndham by the old airport for a shindig for my father. He’s retiring at the end of April, and they wanted to recognize him at his last conference, and they wanted his family there to surprise him. So, after being up since 6AM and putting in a work day, I drove from the office at Keystone, at 5PM, down to the old airport, and was there until about 11PM.

This was easier when I was younger.

Anyway, it was a success. He didn’t even see us come in and have a seat at a table in the front row. All he knew was one moment we were there, and the next moment we were. They also showed a slide show covering his years working with the organization, and then we snuck away for dinner, since my nephews were also there, and you don’t keep small children in a meeting if you want anything done in said meeting. My brother’s family left a bit early, but I stuck it out for the cake and reception. That’s why it was so late.

Friday was also my brother’s birthday, but with dad’s shindig, we really didn’t get a chance to celebrate until Saturday. We were meeting in Hagerstown for dinner at the old Welliver’s, but I had to head out a bit early because, even though I had his gift, I needed a card and a gift bag. I went to the Hallmark on 96 th Street since I knew it was on the way to his house, picked up the stuff, went out to the car to pack it up…

And realized I had left the gift back at the apartment.

Normally, this would just be a quick jaunt back, but I live in Castleton. You know what traffic is like in Castleton on a Saturday? Yeah, it’s stupid. Stupid like me leaving the gift at home, so I guess it’s a good match.

Luckily I made it back, got the gift, and got out of dodge. Brother enjoyed gift, we all went to dinner, we came back, I bought craft beer, and I went home.

Sunday was a normal day of laundry, cleaning, and putting in work orders at the apartment office. I felt bad for the office staff because the bag of douche in front of me obviously didn’t get the “Don’t Be A Dick” memo, but with me, it went well.

With a busy weekend, I didn’t put much up. Heck, Saturday I didn’t put ANYTHING up. Sorry if you were disappointed, but since you never say anything…

Have a great week, and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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