Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evaluating My Goals

All right, it’s Tuesday. Counting down until I head to Lexington on Friday.
Well, I’m getting back on the horse. Last night, I went back to the fitness center and hit the treadmill. It wasn’t nearly as fast as it has been, but I still put in 30 minutes. I’m just… yeah. I’m back up to the weight I was last year when I got started trying to drop, and I’m pretty ticked at myself.
I’m behind on my goals, and I’m dropping some things to be a bit more realistic.
First, I’ve realized that I no longer have the time, the money, or the interest in movie prop and costume replication. I’m going to fade out of that. I’m not caring any more about Star Wars groups, or costuming at conventions, or anything like that. Heck, I’m not quite sure how many more conventions I’m really THAT interested in attending.
Also, I have decided that I am not, in fact, going to take up knitting. Money is tight, and I don’t have enough to keep up with current hobbies, let alone take up new ones.
I am, however, going to continue with the blogging. Keeping up with this blog and trying to get the Geeking blogs up and running again are going to become part of my “hobby” focus.  I really need to get them both back up and running, but I’ve been more focused on actually getting the computer that I’m going to run them on actually up and running. Plus, I think Shannon might have some ideas on things she wants to get online, so I need to have everything clean and organized in case she wants to add something to it as well.
And of course, there is the exercise. I’ve lost my focus since Shannon left for Cali, and I need to pick it back up. I’m thinking it should help my attitude and my general focus. Plus, with the unseasonably warm temperatures as of late, I have no excuse not to get out of the apartment and do something. I also need to look into some vitamins or something to help with joints. Fish oil, or something like that? My knees click something fierce, and it kind of worries me. That’s another reason why I don’t walk/bike as much as I’d like, is the worry about my knees just saying “I give up!” and no longer carrying me around like they’re supposed to.
Either way, let’s see if I can end March on a strong note, and carry forward into April.
See you all tomorrow,

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