Monday, March 19, 2012

After Sunday, Comes Monday

Good morning, everybody. Did you all have a good weekend? I know I had a busy one. Well, maybe not quite busy, but definitely full.
Friday night I headed out to the middle of nowhere to house sit for my folks. I was there through Saturday night, pretty much just watching films and eating too much home-made pizza. By the time I got home Saturday night, I just cracked a beer in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and crashed. Days like that make me realize that I should get a buffer of posts built up for weekends, but I digress.
Sunday was the normal laundry, cleaning, and PC day. However, it didn’t start until late, since I slept in, and I got bored with the PC and turned on Fallout 3 for a few hours. Yep, I’ve got newer games, games I’ve never completed, and I’m playing Fallout 3 again.
I learned some things this weekend as well. First, I have a beautiful, nice bicycle that’s just been sitting in the closet since I got it. It’s in great shape, but the tires are flat. So, I pick up a tire pump at WalMart, and I go to fill up the tires.
Did you know they have more than one type of bicycle tire valve stem? I didn’t. So now, I’m trying to get air in my tires. I was able to find the adapter that I’m supposed to use, but I am still having problems. I might have to hit up Bicycle Garage Indy on my way home from work, to find out what I’m doing wrong. Honestly, putting air in a bike tire should not be this difficult.
I have another busy week ahead. I’m working for Friday, when I’m going to be heading down to Lexington, Kentucky for the Lexington Comic and Toy Expo with my brother and nephew. I guess my nephew really wanted Uncle Tony to go, and who am I to say no to a convention? So, if I don’t have a buffer post written, that will be another Saturday and Sunday with no posts/weak posts going up. Perhaps it would be a good time to post up some convention memories.
Oh, and no, I did not by the New iPad.
I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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