Thursday, March 8, 2012

Short Thursday Blurb

First things first, I’m actually wearing a bow tie to work that I didn’t just clip around my neck and go. I think I’m starting to figure out the knot needed to make this all bowey around my headstalk. I can honestly say this is the proudest I’ve been of a knot I’ve learned, and I’ve messed with a good number in my history in Scouting.
Second, I went home a bit early yesterday, and my apartment still had not been worked on. I was very polite when I walked in to the office, and they promised that it would be taken care of immediately. So I went out, picked up my brother’s birthday gift, checked for more inexpensive bow ties at Macy’s, was completely ignored by sales people at Penny’s, and visited a friend at Half Price Books. By the time that was done, I went back and the carpets were cleaned. However, my water pressure is still lousy, and there is a slight funk in the apartment. They said they’d work on the water pressure, and if the funk is still there next week, then I’m back to the office to complain more.
I hope everybody has a great day, and if you’re in Indy, try to stay dry!

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