Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't Be A Dick

And it’s Friday again! That exciting magical day that only means anything if you have a Monday through Friday gig. If you’re one of those lucky people, it means you get to do your shopping and relaxation along with everyone else that works Monday through Friday, so enjoy that. Otherwise, you’ll be one of those in the service industry that has to deal with those who work Monday through Friday, so enjoy that as well.
Since I am one of those Monday through Friday people, yet I’ve also been one of those weekend Service Industry people, that is why when I DO have to go out and be a consumer on the weekend, I’m really trying to keep a good attitude, be patient, and be pleasant.
I could go on for pages about how people treat people in the service industry, be it retail, or fast food, or at a theme park, but it can really be distilled down to a few major points.
·         You are not always right. Whoever came up with that did not take into account self-entitlement.
·         If you treat a worker like crap, don’t complain when you don’t get outstanding service. You know what? Service workers are human too. “Well, if they don’t like it, they should just find another job.” You know what? Have you seen the job market? Not happening. Have you ever realized that it’s not the fact they hate the job, it’s the fact that they hate you and your self-entitled butt that’s treating them like a piece of minimum wage garbage who’s beneath your “station”?
·         Seriously, in the words of Wil Wheaton: Don’t be a dick.
Of course, it would help if the managers would back up their employees, and if THEIR corporate managers would back them up when they called a customer on being a scamming, self-entitled piece of garbage. Well, maybe not using those exact words, but you know what I mean. I know Pay Less Shoe Source is bad at backing up their employees and their managers against a customer who’s known for scamming the system, and abusing the staff, and that’s why I don’t shop there anymore.
With that, I’m going to ask that as you go out this weekend, be kind not only to your fellow shoppers, but also to those who are working in the stores and the theaters, the markets and the parks. It’s obviously not a job you are willing to do, so respect those who are.
Have a great weekend,

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