Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Indianapolis Comic Con?

Good morning, everybody! First off, thank you for your patience with the posting yesterday. As I was typing it up, I realized that I took a lot of pictures of some great costumes, and I wanted to put some up there. Since I normally type up the blog posts while I’m at work, I don’t have the ability to add the photos to the postings, so I had to wait until I got home. So, thank you for your patience.

On the way home from the convention, we were talking about doing more conventions together, and the subject of a Comic Con in Indianapolis came up. Have you ever noticed that we don’t have a Comic Con? We have this huge, beautiful, world-class convention center, but we don’t have a comic con. That’s not to say we don’t have any conventions, however.

The biggest we have is GenCon, billed as the best four days in gaming. GenCon is held every summer and focuses on gaming, specifically tabletop, collectible card, and role playing games. They normally have some comics people, mainly web comics and publishers that focus on fantasy books, but not much in the way of actual comics and toys.

We also have a couple of smaller, fan run cons that I can think of. On the literary/fantasy front, we have InConJunction, and on the Trekkie/SciFi front, we have  Starbase Indy . I know we also have a few horror conventions in town, but since I’m not much of a horror geek, I don’t have much information on those.

If you go north on I-69 to Fort Wayne, there is Summit City Comic Con which is a wonderful little Comic Con that I also had a chance to hit the inaugural year of, but it’s not in Indianapolis. It’s close, but it’s not an Indianapolis Comic Expo.

Plus, I know there are other small, fan run cons out of Lafayette and Kokomo, and I'm sure there are others around the state, but they're all very difficult to track down sometimes.

I started a bit of a discussion of this on the Geeking in Indiana Facebook page last night, and there has shown to be a bit of interest. One thing I’ve remembered, though: there is no way that I would want to have any part of running another convention. I’ve had enough, and I much prefer to attend them than try to run them.

Anyway, this was just a random thought that helped pass the time driving back from Lexington on Sunday.

One exciting thing going on tonight is that I won an invite to the pre-opening of Brewstone Indy on the North Side tonight, and my reservation is for 5:30. Tomorrow, I’ll post information on whether or not this is worth it, an explanation on how I scored it, and whether it’s someplace I’ll want to hit again. It’s looking to be a good time, and I’m looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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