Monday, September 26, 2011

And I'm going to be sick...

So I'm feeling pretty good, going into the workout center this morning. Stretched, looking forward to improving my time.

Whoops, there are actually people in there. No treadmills available, but that's okay. I just try the bike out for a bit until one opens up.

10 minutes later, a treadmill opens up and I jump on while reviewing my Couch to 5K instructions.

"5 Minute brisk warm up walk, then alternate between 60 seconds jogging and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes."  Yeah, I can do this.

The walk was easy, did what I normally do, feeling pretty good.

Then I bump up the speed to jog for 60 seconds. Oh wow, I haven't done that in years, I'm not sure I like that.

Okay, back down to a walk for 90 seconds. That wasn't bad. I can do this.

Back up to a jog. Heart rate is severely up. I really think I'm going to throw up on the treadmill, which is not good and will probably come out of my security deposit, if I have any left after my toddler is done with my apartment....

Walk for another 90 seconds, urge to vomit not gone, heart still going crazy, so I stop. The goal is to live to see my daughter grow up, not die when she's 2000 miles away.

Trying again tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How do I get suckered into things...

So somebody I joke around with on Twitter dropped a general message out about doing the Couch to 5K workout, and perhaps getting a group to run a marathon soon.

Here's the info, I'll give you a minute:

Are we good? Good. Let's continue.

I jokingly respond to him that if it wasn't for my bad knees (think: won't stay in socket) I'd be more than happy too. He replied that it's not that bad, choose your own pace, and am I in?  Well, being the sucker that I am, and looking for any motivation I can get right now, I decided "Sure, why not?"

So here I am. I have that link bookmarked on my browser, I'm starting the workout tomorrow morning, seeing if I can handle it on a treadmill, or if I have to think about doing this outside.  A couple suggestions have been the service road surrounding Castleton Square Mall, and the Monon Trail.

To give you an idea where I'm starting from:
- I'm 269.2 lbs.
- 35 minutes on a treadmill will get me 1.91 miles.

Bear in mind: 35 minutes just happens to be when I stop. Up until this point, I was trying to improve my time in that time frame, first time around was 1.61. Now, I have a new focus. Something new to try.

Cross your fingers.

Something different, for me, anyway.

And now for something different.
A blog just for me.
Not my family, not for reviewing shops, although I could if I want to...
Just someplace to keep track of what I'm up to, put my random thoughts in case I want to revisit them someday, and just, you know, write.

I will keep track of my exercising, I will keep track of what I'm reading, I will keep track of what I'm listening to.

I will rant.

I will rave.

I will try not to swear.