Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bow Ties

I wear a bow tie now. Bow ties are cool.
So my job is a very "business casual" atmosphere. Mainly polo shirts and khakis, occasionally a bowling shirt or a button up shirt, but no one wears ties.

Except me.

I don't know why, I think it was first on a dare, then it stuck, but when somebody walks into the office, one of the first things they see is my mug, dressed in a shirt and a tie.

Well, I decided to kick it up a notch.

Like a chunky, dorky Orville Redenbacher.
Yeah, I have a bunch of Doctor Who fans in the office, so I got a lot of the "Bow ties are cool" comments. However, let's face the facts. I'm a costumer, I know how this works. I look NOTHING like Matt Smith. I don't rock the bow tie as well as Matt Smith. I am much more comparable to, maybe, Jimmy Olsen or Orville Redenbacher. I've also had comparisons drawn with a barbershop quartet and a soda jerk. The fact is, I'm rocking the tie, so I have to have fun with it.

The tie I'm pictured wearing is actually one of the kinds I really don't have to tie. I just put it around my neck and go. The two pictured above, however, are actual bow ties. I have to educate myself on their proper application tomorrow.

Thank you, Tie A Tie Dot Net.

When I have it figured out, and have it on, I'll get the pictures up so you too can revel in the glory that is a bow tie.

Because no matter what I look like, the Doctor is right. Bow ties are cool.

Now where's my fez.

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