Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I'm Spamming This Blog Now

Good morning, everybody. Did you sleep well? Yeah, me either. The little one doesn’t like sleeping through the night in her own bed right now, and keeps coming to get Mommy to either lift her into our bed, or put her back to sleep in hers. Yep, that’s about as pleasant as it sounds at 2:30AM and 4AM when I have to be up at 6AM and can’t get to sleep before midnight.

So, one of my goals for the New Year is to write more. I’m not talking about NaNoWriMo writing more, but actually putting things on this blog, getting my other blogs up and running with new content, and perhaps writing for some friends, if they want. It might not be interesting, it might not be coherent, but the thought is to get used to putting pen to paper, or words on the screen, and start getting thoughts out there. First, work on output, then work on polishing said output.

I guess I want what everyone wants; something that is interesting, perhaps funny, that people can read and make their day just a little better. Sometimes I might write about my daughter, sometimes I might write about work, even though not too much. Honestly, while I work Tech Support which is full of funny stories, talking about work on the internet is like talking about religion or politics at the workplace, you just don’t do it. Sometimes I might write about past experiences, sometimes future hopes, sometimes it might just be something funny I read somewhere. Sometimes you might enjoy what I write, sometimes you might just roll your eyes and close the tab I’m currently occupying.

In fact, if you haven’t already done that, thank you.

I’d like to say the ride will be as thrilling as driving down the PCH with the top down, or as beautiful as driving through the Rockies in the spring, but honestly?

Most of it is probably going to be as thrilling as driving across Texas or Kansas.

Hopefully, it will be worth it.


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