Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Fitness Update

Good day, everybody! Yes, you too.


At the keyboard. Yeah, you too.

So, it’s Monday. Last week wasn’t my strong point on exercise. I only hit the fitness center twice due to being able to make excuses that I really need to stop making, but that’s still two more times than I normally hit it, so there is that. On the treadmill, I put in 75 minutes for 4.71 miles, and on the bike I put in 30 for 3.4 miles. Since it’s been fairly busy in there, I was only able to hit the bike once, so I put in an extra 15 on the treadmill instead. Pushups, I only did the 110 early in the week, which rather destroyed me for the rest of the week. I’m still learning to pace myself.

Weight wise, I’m down another four-odd pounds. I’m too lazy this morning to get the exact, but the point is I’m still down. And I will be doing more exercise this week, so that will continue.

Clothing wise, I need new shoes because the ones I’ve been using are wearing at the sole, and the sides are breaking down. Normal clothes are starting to get a bit baggy, and I’ve had to scrounge up a new belt because my 42 waist pants are too big, but I’m not yet back down to my 38 waist pants. That’s kind of my goal right now, to fit in those again so I don’t have to buy new pants.

Yes, my goals are based on me being cheap.

I’ll see you tomorrow for a posting that has absolutely nothing about my exercise, my weight loss, or my pants.


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