Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seriously, You Read This?

How’s everybody doing this morning?

First things first, I’ve been getting a small amount of visitors to this blog, about a dozen or so hits a day. To those dozen or so, I’d like to say two things:



Seriously, I’m getting a bit freaked out here. I mean, sure, I post the link to these daily ramblings on my Twitter, and I’ve recently linked it to my Google Plus account, but to see that people are actually CLICKING the links? Wow, I think I’m starting to get a little performance anxiety here. So, if you DO visit, and you ARE reading this, could you PLEASE leave a comment letting me know whether you like this? What do you like reading about? Seriously, sometimes I get a bit of block, and a little inspiration never hurts.

Moving on to my normal drivel, I failed last night, pretty big.

When I got off work, the weather was looking nasty, and the drivers were looking stupid, so instead of delaying my exit from Keystone for an hour and a half and letting the weather get worse, I went ahead and went straight home. Microwave burritos were the “healthy dinner” I had planned, and I had the TV on longer than I planned, having let myself get sucked into Warehouse 13 on Netflix.

However, I did get some more Video Games in. So, I guess there is that.

So, I’ll try again today. Seriously, I’m back up about 5 pounds with all the junk I’ve been eating, and spending more time on the couch than on the treadmill. I need to drop some of this before I have to cram into a seat on a Southwest flight on the 8 th of February. I do NOT need a Kevin Smith moment with them, especially since I don’t have a soap box as big as his to rant from when I get kicked off.

Speaking of the flight, does anyone need anything from Disneyland while I’m out there? Or perhaps some In N Out?

Once again, please comment to let me know what’s up, and I’ll see you all tomorrow. Tony

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