Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All News, All The Time

So I sit here at work for 8 hours a day, and CNN is playing in the background the entire day. Listening to this, I have realized a few things. First, there is never more than half a dozen things going on over the world at any given time, and they just rotate through those.

Second, no matter how crazy you think candidates for public office are, no matter how full of bull, or how crooked they are, they can always sink to new depths.

Third, they don’t cover the subjects of bacon or cupcakes as much as I believe they should, but if Burger King starts offering delivery, then they are all over that.

Ship wrecks are their wet dream. I swear they’re trying to figure out how to link Celine Dion music to this thing.

Celebrity chefs with diabetes are obviously big national news.

Oh, and look! There is a small blurb about SOPA and the website blackouts.

I wish they’d just let me turn Cartoon Network.


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