Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Exciting Bachelor Life

I dropped my family off at the airport last night. They’re headed to Southern California to visit my wife’s family and to bring the Geekling to Disneyland for her birthday. I’ll be headed out there for the little one’s birthday, hopefully surprising her when they get off the tram from the parking garage to Downtown Disney, but I’m still going to be flying solo for the next couple of months as they’re out there for some birthdays and some special events at the park.

I spent my first evening totally disregarding any diet choices or exercise plans. Yep, I drowned my sorrows in Taco Bell and Mountain Dew, lay on the couch and watched some Warehouse 13, then posted a lot (for me) on Facebook and Twitter. After I burnt myself out on Social Media, I went back to the couch and fired up the Xbox 360, and threw in Fallout: New Vegas.

First things first, when did I start getting motion sickness from a first-person view in video games? I’m serious, I’m wandering the Mojave and my stomach started acting up. Now, it could have been the 7 Layer Burrito, but I’m familiar with the gastronomical discomfort that Taco Bell causes, and this wasn’t it. So, during the course of a few hours, I had to switch between first-person and third-person views to keep from getting totally ill, but it was worth it. I was able to get a few beginner level quests completed, got a bad reputation with the Powder Gangers and Caeser’s Legion, and didn’t die. I’m also remembering how the VATS system works, and to save the game pretty obsessively.

Tonight, I’m going to try to get into a schedule that I hope to follow while the girls are gone. I’ll get off work at 5, and I brought my clothes with me to see if it’s feasible to hit the gym here at the Keystone at the Crossing office complex at 5PM. I’m leaning towards “no,” but I’m trying to stick with a positive attitude. If that does end up not working, I’ll head home and try to find open equipment at the apartment’s fitness center.

After I’ve done my workout, I’ll head home and start dinner, which will NOT consist of Fast Food and soda. I’m figuring a baked chicken breast, salad, and some milk. No TV during this time, instead I’ll get myself and the apartment cleaned up and read a book. Once the food has been consumed and the dishes have been cleaned up, then I’ll belly up to the computer and do some coursework on a couple personal enrichment/continuing education projects, which I’ll stick with until about 9-ish. After that, then I’m going to go back to the couch, turn on the TV, and probably play more Fallout: New Vegas.

I’ll stick with wandering the Mojave until around 11PM, when I’ll get my lunch together and get everything packed up to do it all again on Thursday.

Yes, I plan to lead a very exciting “bachelor” life while the girls are gone, but I’ve got stuff I want to learn, stuff I want to do, and some fun that I’ve been neglecting. Plus, since money is tight, these are all activities that involve no financial expenditure such as using gas, or eating out.

‘Til tomorrow,

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