Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Monday, Another Update on Your Host

All right, kiddies! It’s Update Monday! It’s time to update all the funky stuff that Tony did during the past week.

First, let’s touch on Fitness. I did a poor job of tracking everything last week. For example, I know I did pushups at work, even at home, but I didn’t track them. I hit the treadmill once, for 1.86 miles, but I was never able to get on a bike or get on a treadmill more than once. Now, I did purchase the Xbox 360 Kinect game “YourShape Fitness Evolved 2012” and I’ve played that, but I’m still figuring it out, so I have no idea how to track it. I do know that I realized that Yoga, even beginning Yoga, involves a lot of standing on one leg which involves balance. I do not know the meaning of balance. Seriously, gravity is my mortal enemy. However, I made it through some of the routines and I was feeling pretty good. I mainly need to keep switching up what I’m doing so I don’t get bored with the treadmill and the bike. Oh, and to wrap it up, I have new walking shoes that I’m breaking in right now, so that’ll be nice, since my old Sketchers were almost 3 years old and SEVERELY broken down.

Second, let’s look at the progress on my “beer money” quests. So far, I have $8.00 saved in my Amazon account. Yeah, that’s not a lot, but considering I really haven’t done much for it, I think it’s pretty good, especially since I didn’t do much with it over the weekend, since I was out of the house and all. On my “to do” list that’s starting to get a mile long, I’m going to do a referral link section on the side of the blog, if anyone is curious and wants to try this stuff. I’ve also started a few new sites, and also signed up for a writing group, so we’ll see how that goes.

Also, to elaborate on the Family Tech Support over the weekend, to my understanding, the new Verizon Hotspot is working VERY well and they are VERY happy with it, so I did that right. So far, on the laptop, I’ve removed the trial version of Norton that was installed, I’ve updated Windows 7, Java, and Flash. Chrome was already installed, but my father really prefers Internet Explorer for some odd reason, so I’m setting up his home pages on there. Now, their Netbook took a bit more work. Nothing really difficult, mainly updates, but I never was able to get it to connect to the apartment’s WiFi network, either on the main account or on the guest account, so I’ve had to hardwire it in to get Windows updates, flash updates, java updates, and install Quicktime and Google Chrome. This computer mainly exists as a portable media center, since it has a larger screen and longer battery life than most of our portable DVD Players, so I need to move some of my movies over to it this evening.

This evening isn’t going to be good for my goals. I have gas to buy, groceries to acquire, and beer to hunt down, since I’ll be hiding the later part of the week from the Super Bowl Madness that is sure to engulf the town. THIS weekend will be the weekend that I get work done around the house, the blogs back up and running, and some beer in the keg. I’m hoping to stop at Great Fermentations here in Indy to see if they have any Mr. Beer kits that are something I would drink, like a Stout or a Cider. I also need to pick up a capper and some caps, since I want to do glass bottles this round, instead of the large plastic bottles.

So how was your week? Feel free to comment. I know you’re all such a talkative bunch that visit here.

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