Friday, January 6, 2012

Toddler Logic and Vocabulary

Some people know that I spent time in Southern California as a Disneyland Cast Member, and my wife and daughter are both California girls. Being from California, they have a tendency to visit without me from time to time, as I do have a powerful need to hold down a job, and they aren’t tied down by one. When they visit, they will inevitably visit the Park, which they both love. However, a toddler doesn’t care about what the Imagineers or the Marketing Department calls the attractions. Some things are easy to figure out. The “Nemo Ride” is the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, “Spooky House” is the Haunted Mansion, and “Mermaid Ride” is The Little Mermaid Undersea Voyage at California Adventure.

However, some things take toddler logic.

For example, if she wants to ride the “Tick Tock Ride,” what does she want to go on? Disney hasn’t put anything up for their classic live action film “Return to Oz” so there aren’t any attractions based on a clockwork soldier. Nope, she wants to ride It’s A Small World. Why is it called the “Tick Tock Ride?”

It has a giant smiling clock face on the front of the attraction.

Like I said, toddler logic.

If she wants to see “Boom Boom Jack” what could she be talking about? Well, she loves watching Youtube videos of the Park through our Xbox 360, thanks to the latest additions to the service. One of her favorite videos is the Halloween Firework Show over the Castle. It has a flying Zero, and Jack Skellington’s face is projected on an inflatable globe behind the castle. Fireworks go “boom” and Jack is in it, need I say more?

This goes for Disney films as well. “Frog” is The Princess and The Frog. “Tea Party” is a strange one, that is Beauty and the Beast. Why? Well, Mrs. Potts, of course. “Spooky Town” is The Nightmare Before Christmas, for reasons I believe are fairly obvious.

I love my little girl with all my heart, and I’m always looking forward to what her logic comes up with next.

Oh, and if you got the Return to Oz reference? +5 Geek/Disney points for you. Good show.


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