Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beer Money

Money for us, much like I’m sure it is for many of you, is tight. For me, health insurance costs have gone up, overtime opportunities have gone down, car insurance has gone up, and internet costs have gone up. Any chance I have to save money, or make extra money, I have been trying to take.

I don’t like to play the coupon game. I’ll use coupons where I can, but a lot of the “extreme couponing” I see just seems to be a bit shady, and I have too much on my plate to make it worth my while to deal with. I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Aldi’s, which helps quite a bit.

I’ve got a lot of living costs down as low as I can, but low funds means there is no money for fun. However, I have discovered something recently that helps out.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the website Reddit is a social aggregator  site with a ton of sub-communities for different areas. Some that I follow are based on Doctor Who, Costuming, Homebrewing, Coupons, Freebies, and one called Beermoney.

What r/beermoney is covers just that, beer money. Chump change that isn’t enough to get you anything really important, but gives you a bit of change for fun stuff or small items. You’re not going to get rich, but you’re going to get something. Most of the time, this will not get sent directly to you, instead it will arrive in the form of a gift card, or a gift card code. Personally, I have mine set up to deposit as Amazon gift cards, since you can get so much through Amazon for either myself, my wife, or the Geekling. Plus, you can just stash the codes in Amazon, and they just pile up, don’t expire, and will be used when you go to order something.

One thing to remember as I describe this: I use the Android OS on my Smartphone, not the iOS. All of my app experience is based on that platform, however to my understanding many of these apps and opportunities are also available on the iOS platform for the iPhone.

Also, as I describe something, I’m going to include my referral info. If you try something out, please put me down as the person who referred you, because then I get a little kick back in terms of points or money, which gets me closer to a new Blu Ray or X Box game.

The first app I’ve been using is called Clover. It’s invite only, and it’s meant to be a mobile version of Paypal, but it’s not Paypal. You sign up, and if you go green, there is a queue to get in because it's a very popular app and you only get a couple of invites to share.. If you attach a credit card to help transfer money, you get in instantly and you get more invites. If you’re curious, my invite link is and feel free to sign up. You get 5 bucks for signing up, and I’ll get a 5 buck referral bonus that can go towards The Lion King on Blu Ray. 

Other apps that I have been using have been from a company called AppRedeem. They have two apps that are linked together that I use: AppRedeem and AppTrailers. Instead of cash, they work off points that you can trade in for money in Paypal, or towards gift cards, including Amazon. 1000 points roughly equals a dollar. AppTrailers shows you 30 second trailers for Applications, giving you points for each view. AppRedeem allows you to download an app to try out, and you get a larger amount of points for that. So far, I’ve downloaded and deleted the available apps from Redeem and I’m waiting to see if different ones get put up. I’ve watched all videos numerous times on Trailers, and I’m still getting points. Now, you can’t just keep watching, instead you keep an eye on your credits, then when you stop, take a break and come back and keep playing. I’ve been messing with it since 8AM, and I’ve earned about 700 points. Not bad for occasionally looking over at my phone on the charger and pressing “Watch Video.” Between that, a referral, and AppRedeem, which is tied into the same points pool, I’ve earned about 1800 points, and I’ve deposited 1000 into my Amazon account for a buck. If you’re curious about this, my referral name is tokarrai so please give me some more points if you would be so kind.

I know there are other ones out there, and I might update them on here when I can. Have you used anything like this for a little extra fun money? If so, let me know in the comments!

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