Saturday, January 21, 2012

Game on!

I believe I’m starting to like video games again.

I don’t know why I stopped liking them, and why I’ve started again, but I really think I’m itching to pick up the controller again. I’ve never been a hardcore gamer, despite doing tours of duty with Electronics Boutique and supervising the video game department at Fry’s Electronics, but I’ve always enjoyed them to some extent.

Right now, our system of choice is the Xbox 360. We have an Elite system with a bad disc drive that can be used for online streaming, and a Slim that we use for gaming. We also have a Nintendo Wii kind of gathering dust, and in storage, waiting for the day to be played again, we also have an old Magnavox Odyssey 2, a Nintendo 64, a Sega Dreamcast, a Nintendo Gamecube, and a Playstation 2. Oh, the day that we unpack those boxes will be a glorious day indeed.

You know, except for that whole trying to connect the Odyssey 2 to a HD TV. That should be interesting.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a lot that I need to pick up again, and none of them are short games. Games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Fallout 3 with all the expansion packs, and Fallout: New Vegas with one or two expansions. I have Fable 3 that I need to restart, along with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. And if I was feeling really sadistic, I have Modern Warfare games that I could play, but I’m not into hearing kids swear online.
I really want to play the expansion packs for Fallout 3, but the Save files had issues transferring from the Elite 360 to the new Slim, so I would have to start all over. While very tempting, I’ve already played through the main game and the first couple expansions, and I’m not really itching to play through all over again while I have unplayed games in my collection. I’m starting up New Vegas instead since, while I love the Batman games and just Batman in general, I can’t get enough of the Fallout universe

The fantasy role playing games are kind of on the back burner, as I really want to complete the Fallouts and the Batman games while Shannon and Mary are away. Then, I want to move over to the Nintendo Wii to check out the Legend of Zelda games and Epic Mickey.

And I must not forget L.A. Noire and Dragon Age, which are my wife's but I want to get some game time in on sometime in here.

Either way, I think with the games, I’m starting to stack my plate a bit high. When you think of all I want to do while they’re gone, I think I’ll be able to keep myself busy.


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