Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well, as I’ve said before, I do costuming and prop building. I love recreating items seen on the screen, but I have a minor problem in that the extent of my ability with a needle and thread is putting a button back on a shirt. However, I’ve become intrigued with something over the holidays that I want to get into.


Think it through. I like Harry Potter. Anyone want a house scarf? And on the subject of scarves, how about an extremely long one like the Doctor wore? Who wouldn’t want a cunning orange knit hat?

Plus, have you looked at the custom pieces that people have done? Dwarven helmets and beards? Knit hats that look like Disney Mouse Ears? This is some pretty spiffy stuff, even though I understand that those are not quite beginner-grade projects either.

So right now, I’ve been talking with friends who knit, getting some shop names down, figuring out what kind of needles a beginner would use, and bookmarking some Youtube videos. As I was looking around for information, I found this:

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/knits-for-nerds-joan-of-dark-aka-toni-carr/1108119711? ean=9781449407919&itm=1&usri= knitting+for+nerds

This is a pre-order, it’s not out yet, but this really pushed me into thinking that I’m on the right path. Plus, as my wife said, we’re not getting any younger. If we want to try something like this, now is the time.

Has anyone else ever done any knitting? Have any advice or tips for me? Feel free to comment!


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