Thursday, May 31, 2012

Non Sequitur

It’s a new day. It’s going to be a good day. So let’s get started.
Get started with what? I’m not quite sure.
It would probably help my life if I had any semblance of a plan, but I really don’t. However, I’m not going to dwell on that.
By the way, I’m still amazed at how many random Fax Machine calls I receive at the main switchboard here at work.
Why won’t my wife let me paint the Scion xB Tardis Blue, complete with a Police Box decal on the front windshield? I mean, it’s a box, it’s roomier than it looks so that means it’s bigger on the inside, and it’s been in enough accidents that I don’t consider it the original shade of yellow that the Release Edition 2.0 was painted with. Seriously, I even saw a great personalized plate up on Reddit: We can call it the “Cardis.”
I also love how people come into work and complain that the conference rooms are all booked when they “needed” one. You need an entire conference room to make a sales call, solo, on a speaker phone? Really? Also, why didn’t you just go in an BOOK IT before someone else did? Yes, I understand that we’re growing out of our office space, but we’re going someplace larger soon, so just suck it up and stop complaining to me, when I have told you a dozen times that I have no control over those rooms.
So, does anyone have any recommendations on a good way to go about finding a house to rent? I’ve always viewed Craigslist as rather sketchy and never had good luck with it, the newspaper is a bit of work, and a lot of rental sites just show complexes. A realtor, perhaps? Tips?
Also, as a bit of a TMI note, I really need to stop drinking so much in the morning. A bottle of water, a glass of green tea, a breakfast shake, and more water means it’s a long wait until my break at 10:30.
Why is it so hard to remember your name badge/key card? I’ve been here two years, not once forgotten mine. There are people here who forget weekly.
And I’m out for the day.

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