Tuesday, May 29, 2012

3 Day Weekend Wrapup

I was pondering writing a posting yesterday, but I saw a wonderful tweet that essentially said that the person doesn’t care about reading blog posts, he wants to spend time with their family and drink beer. I then realized that I didn’t care about writing a blog post, I wanted to spend time with my family and make/drink beer as well.
And of course, post on The Twitter, but that doesn’t actually take any time or thinking.
The weekend was filled with grocery shopping, house cleaning, and friends. Saturday evening we went to some old friends for an evening of swimming, eating, and conversation while our little ones played. The Geekling was sad to go, but also exhausted, and cried herself to sleep before we were even out of their neighborhood. She didn’t even fight much when we got home and I carried her from her car seat to her bed.
Sunday was a bit of shopping while everyone else was going mental about cars driving fast. Shannon had to replace some stuff at Bath and Body Works, and we bought the Geekling some new shoes. Then, to Meijer for inexpensive barbeque supplies, and home to make burgers and brats. Now, I need to research what the heck we used for the grill, because it wasn’t charcoal and it sucked. We have a small tailgating grill that we keep on our patio, and we saw a “instant fire” product that fit perfectly. We tried it, and it doesn’t work well. The flames are static, burn too hot, you can’t adjust the heat by spreading out coals, and it burnt the outside of the burgers while keeping the inside pink. I’ve honestly blocked out the name, but if you see something that fits this description, do not buy!
Monday was my bonus day, where I got paid like I was at work but in reality I didn’t show up. This day was filled with a little more shopping, including a run to Great Fermentations to pick up some bottle caps. I’ve started another batch in the old Mr. Beer kit, using the other one that came with it. This time, it’s a Classic American Blonde Ale. Once again, not one I would normally drink, but it’s giving me more practice so I won’t foul up one that I WILL want to drink. So now, this will sit in its Little Brown Keg (LBK) for the next few weeks before I bottle it up, to sit for a few more weeks as I hope the bottles don’t explode, then to condition for a few MORE weeks before it is (hopefully) ready to drink. So, this was done after the Geekling was put down for the evening. Other than that, it was a day of seeing our friends, again, as they returned my house key which I dropped the night before, and putting a new/used computer desk in our room and getting rid of the old table that was in its place.
So I have no idea what this week will bring. I know Wednesday I have to drop by Downtown Comics to pick up the first issue of the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.
Don’t judge me.
Thursday night is Tour De Thursdays in Carmel, so I’ll be pulling the bike back out for that. I need to, because my knee is almost healed.
And that’s enough for the day. I’ll catch you all later!

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