Monday, May 21, 2012

Rebuilding The Other Blogs

So I went ahead and did it.
Over the weekend, I nuked my other blogs to start from scratch, and started re-installing Wordpress on my webspace/server/webhost/whatever you call it.
Yeah, can’t you tell that I REALLY know what I’m doing? This is why I fail. Anyway.
I love when I redo a website. I have a tendency not to get stuck in the way I originally built it. I have the ability to look at new templates, new designs, and make it work and look just a little bit better than last time. Plus, it gets my creative juices flowing.
The blogs I work on are based around comic book shops, board and role playing game stores, hobby shops, and conventions. I just know what it’s like to go to a city, and being curious as to if there are any good comic shops, or places to play a pick-up game of D&D, or where to get strips of styrene at the last minute. However, I do want it to be a positive read. There are too many Comic Book Guy’s blogging about what they think the “Worst (Insert Geek Thing Here) Ever” is. So, I have a tendency to praise the shops I have good experiences at, and just do a simple, fact filled post about the shops where I don’t have a good experience. I want it to be positive, but I also want to warn about someplace that just doesn’t give good service, or a good experience. It’s a very fine line I try to walk, trying to keep from gushing at one location where I might have had an abnormally good experience, and warning away from a place where the clerk might have just been having a really rough day.
Now, there are a few places that I just know are decent. They are places I’ve consistently had good experiences with since before there was any question whether Han shot first. I kind of want to do something extra for those, or for my Convention write ups, or for just random things like that.
Why not do a podcast?
Not an audio one. I’ve done one before with some friends, and it’s great fun, but it’s not quite what I want for my website.
What I was thinking was actually going in with a camera and mic and talking with my fellow geeks. If it’s a shop, I’ll get permission and give advanced warning before stopping in. If it’s a convention, I’ll talk to some vendors, I’ll talk to some attendees, I’ll talk to some costumers. I want to shoot video so people can really get a FEEL for the store and the event. Plus, I can start a Geeking YouTube channel, where I’m not just doing the Indiana or SoCal stuff, but also put up events like the Lexington Comic Con, which doesn’t fit in to any of those.
I’m really trying to get creative again, however, I need to remember to pace myself and work back up to it. As much as I’d love to get interviewing and set up the video, I don’t own a video camera or microphone. I don’t own video editing software. So, first, I need to get the site back up, then I’ll focus on “plussing” the site out.
However, enough about talking about other blogs I’m working on. I’ll find something more inane to post about tomorrow.

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