Thursday, May 24, 2012

35th Birthday Rundown

First things first: if you’re one of those people who rush into an intersection and block it when your traffic signal turns red, you’re one of the worst people out there. This seems to apply to anyone crossing 82nd Street going south on Allisonville Road, and anybody turning onto or driving on 82nd Street between Allisonville Road and I-69 after about 4:30PM on a weekday. Those people make me want to punch them in their stupid self-absorbed heads.
Taking a deep breath.
Let’s continue.
After leaving work yesterday, things calmed down a bit. My parents came over with a big box for my birthday, which the Geekling helped me to open. Inside that box?
Yep. This really happened.
Yes, that is a pile of fitness supplements from Vitamin Shoppe. Don’t ask me what they are, because I have no idea. Part of my goal today is to figure out what they are. I know one is for joints, one is a multi-vitamin, and the big one is chocolate flavored. Past there? No idea. Why did they get me these? They heard me talking with my little brother about what he uses when he works out, and they knew I wouldn’t buy any of it myself, so there ya go. Makes sense.
Shannon made me my gift:
Tardis on Paper
It’s a picture of the Tardis done using an art kit that I bought Shannon for Christmas a few years ago that I’ve been bugging her to use. I love this because she finally used the kit, it’s Doctor Who, and it’s made by her.
The Geekling? She gave me a poopie diaper. I know she reached deep inside for something to give daddy, and I find that touching.
After all was said and done, we headed over to Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th Street for dinner. Fried Dill Pickles were tasty, the Irish Stout Burger with loaded Waffle Fries was the reason I’m starting to exercise again, and the German Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream was just awesome. Top it off with a Wee Mac from Sun King, and it was a good evening. Forget Brewstone, I need more Scotty’s in my life. This would be very possible if I had the money to eat out more, but this is my go-to now for the question “Where do you want to eat?”
Finally, after getting home, I used some Microsoft Points I won from the Xbox Support Twitter Account to purchase Minecraft for the Xbox, and proceeded to mine and craft for the next few hours until it was time to awesomely fold clothes and head to bed.
Throwing in all the birthday wishes from my friends on The Twitter and The Book of Faces, it was an enjoyable day. Thank you to all who helped make it awesome!


  1. The giant one is whey protein. It is a bunch of assorted proteins that help your body build cells (for instance muscle cells when you exercise).

    If you have a fairly normal diet then you get all of these proteins already, but some people are a little low on some of them. When you exercise you destroy muscle cells (this is why you get sore) but that triggers the body to build the muscles back even bigger than they were before. Because it is building more cells than usual your body will need some extra protein.

    It is made from the milk by-product, whey which is a good way to use the left overs after they make cheese. Vegans can get protein powder extracted from soy beans. The people trying to sell these things will make a big deal about what kind you buy, but at the amateur fitness level it doesn't really matter.

    To use it you mix it into a glass of water or milk and drink it. It has a chocolate flavor and is sweetened with the artificial sweetener sucralose (a.k.a Splenda).

  2. Multivitamins are generally found to have some positive effects. So that is a good one also.

    The Joint thing is some stuff that your body uses to make hair, fingernails, and yes joint cartilage. It is made from ground up and processed crab/shrimp/lobster shells. You almost certainly have enough of it already, and it probably won't help much.

    You also get plenty of left handed Glutamine (a.k.a. L-Glutamine) in your diet already. Your body only really needs extra when you are hurt or sick. If you are really pumping a lot of iron the amount of muscle cells you tear up might count as "injured" and you would want some extra. That said, having a bunch of it in your system might help you to recover faster when your muscles feel sore.

    I'm not sure what the 5th thing is.

  3. 5th thing was a shaker bottle.

    Hey, like I said, I didn't buy it, they did. I'm going to use it so it doesn't go to waste, but body building isn't my thing.

    Thanks for the info! Always glad to see your comment notifications in my inbox!

  4. Oh sorry, I didn't mean to insult the gifts. They are very generous and thoughtful.

    Sometimes my alter ego as the president of the Indiana Skeptics slips out. There is a lot of misinformation and high-pressure sales in the health-supplement industry. Sometimes I feel compelled to say something even when I shouldn't.

  5. Meh, I'm over it. No harm, my friend.

    Started using some of the stuff yesterday. Let's see if it is worth the gutloading of pills and vitamins and powdered chocolate substances.