Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Construction Land

As I’ve said on here before, I live off of Craig Rd. between Castleton Square Mall and I-69, and work at one of the office buildings in Keystone at the Crossing, normally just driving down 82nd Street to and from work. However, there are also times that I like to use 96th Street, especially since the traffic on 82nd is nuts, and people like to park in the middle of intersections.
For the last few weeks, though, 96th has been bad at Allisonville Road due to some “improvements” that they’re making that I don’t quite understand and don’t really sound like improvements. It involves “Michigan Lefts” and a bunch of other malarkey that I don’t quite understand. Either way, it has backed up 96th Street and made it not an attractive driving option, so I’ve had to deal with the douchers on 82nd.
However, starting last night, this drive might be even more fun since they have closed down Allisonville Road bridge crossing over I-465. For all intents and purposes, Allisonville Road between 82nd Street and Castleton Square Mall doesn’t exist. I’m pretty curious/partially dreading finding out what this is going to do to my evening commute, especially since they’re changing traffic patterns on 82nd Street to help accommodate the extra traffic.
And go figure, my lease isn’t up until this fall.
As I'm fighting the madness on the way home tonight, I’m dropping by Downtown Comics in Castleton to pick up the first issue of the Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, which I’ve actually read fairly favorable reviews on. Okay, ONE favorable review, but at least it was favorable and not from a Doctor Who fan, either.
And speaking of Doctor Who, I received my late birthday/early Father’s Day present from Shannon and the Geekling last night: a River Song Sonic Screwdriver and Dalek keychain, which is pretty dang sweet. Now, I have THREE Sonic Screwdrivers! WOO HOO!

I guess we know Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks that it could be more sonic.

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