Friday, May 18, 2012

The Troxell Pack

First things first, I stayed upright last night during the ride. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s go on.
My first foray on putting my life on display on the internet was a Geocities website that I built from scratch using a copy of HTML for Dummies and Notepad. It was the 90’s, so of course I experimented with frames, flashing gifs, background images, even a background midi that stayed on the site for about a minute and a half before I realized how FRAKKING ANNOYING THEY WERE and I didn’t want to be part of the problem.
Over the years, the site evolved as I acquired a copy of Dreamweaver and a girlfriend, who became my fiancé, who became my wife, who became a mother. From Indiana to California, back to Indiana, to California, that Geocities site was there through my engagement, my wedding, the loss of one child, and the birth of the Geekling. I was able to keep updating that site with a cleaner image and interface until just after the Geekling was born, when Geocities was deemed unprofitable by Yahoo! and shut down.
When I received the word that it was being shut down, I started a Troxell Pack blog on However, not long after, my computer started to crap out, then life happened, and then honestly, I forgot about it.
Recently, some friends have been posting on their blogs, and some of their posts I wanted to comment on. Well, you need a Wordpress account in order to do that, so that was the reminder that I had the account. I used that to follow and comment on the blogs, and when one followed me back, that reminded me that I hadn’t really used it. I’ve had it since 2009, and it has somewhere in the neighborhood of five posts.
I’ve started posting on there again. It’s not going to be as often as when I post here, and the posts aren’t going to be as long. Since it’s called “The Troxell Pack,” I’m going to be using it to post little anecdotes about the “pack.” Funny things the Geekling has done, accomplishments of Shannon’s, projects we’re doing, things like that. This blog will remain stupid thoughts of mine, and the Pack blog will be a bit more family oriented.
Before I go, I want to show some love to the blogs that I follow on there. Check them out, they’re written by good people: is the thoughts of someone I never thought would have a blog. is the thoughts of someone with many blogs, all a great joy to read!
I’m sure I’ll be following more in the future, and when I do, I’ll figure out how to list them on there.
So feel free to check them all out if you so wish!
Have a great weekend,

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