Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Poppin Fresh

Where I work, our dress code is “Business Casual,” things like polo shirts, khakis, and the like. Sure, I come in normally wearing a button up shirt and either a bow tie or a regular tie, but most of the guys just wear a polo shirt, button up shirt, or even a bowling shirt. Plus, most do pretty well, keeping in mind that we are a place of business and trying to look even semi-professional.
However, we have this one kid that keeps coming in with a popped collar on his polo shirt. Yes, he will come into a place of business, where he is employed, with his polo shirt collar standing straight up like a shield, a shield keeping all of his insecurities safe inside his neck. The icing on the cake is when he comes in with a pink polo shirt, or something from Hollister.
Me, I like to call him Poppin’ Fresh.
And now, you know where the #WorkOrJerseyShore hashtag I use on Twitter comes from.

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