Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back on the Bike

Good morning, everybody! Let’s see if I can spew out some mental vomit before they make me work!
Now, I’m not complaining about having to work at my job, that’s what they pay me for, after all. I love my job, and that’s why I try not to blog much about it. I don’t want to put anything out there that can be misconstrued as me speaking poorly about them. So let us move away from this subject, shall we?
So, tomorrow I’m going to pull my bike out of storage for National Bike Month, which is this month. The bike needs to stay in a closet because the Geekling thinks it’s a jungle gym, and there’s not really anyplace else in our apartment to keep it.
Oh, and did I mention that this storage closet is normally blocked by a couch? Yeah, it’s not very conducive to riding. I was able to use it more when the girls were gone, just because I could leave it out. Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind. But anyway…
Part of that group I mentioned in my Follow Friday and Marathons posts do something called Carmel Pedals.  This was started by Bruce Kimball and Carmel Cyclery, and according to their Twitter profile, they “Promote recreational bicycle riding where no spandex is required – beginners to avid #TourDeThursdays every Thurs 6:30 PM @SohoCafeGallery
So let me check this… no spandex, thank gawd. Beginners? Yeah, I think I’ve put myself back in that category. A ton of links in one paragraph? Yep, there’s another goal I never knew I had achieved.
I remember when I was younger, and I used to have to ride my bike to get anywhere. I would do 4, 6, even 10 miles without a real sweat. Now, I’m breaking a sweat just pulling my bike out of the closet. So, I’m a bit nervous about my ability to keep up with the group. I’ve been told by my Twitter Friends that it’s a nice, leisurely ride.
And if a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its bum when it hopped.
Yeah, I’m kind of anxious about doing this ride, but sometimes you have to take yourself out of the comfort zone and just do it. I want to do this ride, and I want to do it with this group. The people I know and have met are very supportive people, but I still have flashbacks to high school where I got mocked for my failed attempts at doing anything physical. I know that isn’t going to happen here, but I think I’ve said before that I’m a bit broken in the brainpan, so it’s still a thought going through my head.
Anyway, between this and the upcoming Tap N Run, I’m going to be getting out of my comfort zone to try to enjoy fun activities with new people. I guess that’s what you really need to do in life, get out of that comfort zone and live.
And now I need to watch Wall*E again.
After I get the bike out of the closet.

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