Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Eats and Thoughts

So when did Indiana stop giving you your driver’s license when you actually passed the test? You know, take test, confirm identity, take photo, sign pad, get license?  Now, they’re like Cali, where they ship it to you, and give you a temporary license print-out in case you need it? Oh yeah, this is going to work real well if I want a drink on my birthday. However, yes, I did pass the written test and I’m now legal in Indiana again, and I did it in time for my birthday.
Yes, my birthday is tomorrow. I was debating whether or not to post about it, but since I’m running dry on ideas, I figured why not? The reason I was hesitant about posting about it is because it feels like I’m fishing for “Happy Birthday” messages, or gifts, which is not the case. Up until recently, I didn’t even have my birthday posted on Facebook, so there wouldn’t be an influx of messages on there about it.
I guess I like celebrating other’s birthdays, but mine I’m just kind of “Meh” over. Sure, I like getting stuff, who doesn’t? However, I guess I feel guilty when we’re wanting for items, and I’m getting gifts. So, when people ask me what I want for my birthday, I get torn. Sure, I’d love to get a new movie or video game, but I need new pants. Yet, while I need new pants, the Geekling has grown out of hers, so she needs them more than I do, but how do I ask for something for her for my birthday without people arguing that my birthday gifts should be for me?
So, it’s best that I just try to ignore it, at least in my broken little world.
One thing I do enjoy, though, is a meal. My parents have a tendency to bring us “wherever we want” for a birthday meal. Now, my brother and I aren’t greedy, we don’t insist on Ruth’s Chris or St. Elmo’s or anyplace really fancy. When we were younger, it was Showbiz Pizza. When we were a little older, it was Welliver’s in Hagerstown or the New Orleans House in Indy. However, now that we’re older, have families, and none of those places exist any longer, we look for someplace a little more family friendly.
Personally, I’m also looking for someplace a bit more “local” as well. Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th Street is looking like a strong possibility, however I know of a good burger at the Castleton Grill as well.
Essentially, what I’m looking for is someplace around Castleton/Keystone at the Crossing, that is accommodating of a toddler, that has a decent beer selection.
Does anyone have any ideas? Any tips? Please let me know in the comments.
Bear in mind, this is tomorrow night.
Talk to you tomorrow,

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