Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month, New Post

All right, it’s a new month and I’m still at it.

First off, today is my wife’s birthday, so happy birthday to her. I’ve already posted on Facebook and sent her a text, because that really shows you care, right?

Second, It’s one week until I fly out to California for the Geekling’s birthday. I’m planning on heading out on Wednesday night and surprising her when they get off the tram at Disneyland on Thursday morning. I’ll be out there until Saturday, when I’ll be on a plane all day and get home late that night. I figure there will be no blog postings on those days, because I can’t guarantee internet connectivity, and I don’t want to type it out on my phone’s keyboard or on the mini-keyboard on the Netbook I’m bringing with me.

I’m not a fan of flying. Even when I’m smaller, I’m not quite built to cram into a small seat with two other people. I hate sitting still for a 3-4 hour stretch, with nothing to entertain me than a movie or three, my Nook, and my Zune. People don’t want to converse. If you try to be friendly, they look at you like you’re a freak, or worse. All you can really do is stick your headset in, sit back, and pray for the purgatory to be over soon, or at least one of those peanuts to get lodged in your throat to end it even quicker.

I could keep going, but every two bit comedian and hack writer has touched on how lousy flying is, and this two bit comedian/hack writer isn’t going to dwell on it.

Now, while I’m out there, I’ve got some things I need to do. First and foremost is surprising my daughter at the Magic Kingdom, so called because when you visit, POOF! Magically, all of your life savings have disappeared because you wanted a churro. However, it’s a good time, and the Geekling loves it. I’m sure I will have multiple trips on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, It’s a Small World, and The Little Mermaid, and I’m looking forward to getting a picture with her on the Carousel and bringing her on Peter Pan, which she has recently watched and started digging on. Personally, I just want a couple trips on the new Star Tours, so hopefully I can snag that.

Also, while I’m out in Sunny Southern California, I need to meet up with some friends for some pie, get some pastrami at The Hat, and see if I can get my butt over to Burbank to try to find some stuff at a great Army/Navy Surplus store over there that I really enjoy.

Then, when I come back, I get to write all about it.

I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures, see if I can throw in some actual visuals on this blog every once and a while.


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