Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yesterday Was a Partial Wash, or SWAG!

And yesterday was a wash.

Not long after I wrote the blog post, and was training the person who will be covering me at the front desk, I started feeling like someone was squeezing my guts. An hour later, it was a really strong twisting feeling, then at noon, I left for home, where I proceeded to expel the demons for a few hours before falling asleep watching… Honestly, I was so out of it I don’t know WHAT I fell asleep watching. Either way, you know I wasn’t feeling good when I never once opened up my laptop to get on the internet.

I woke up a few hours later feeling drained, but better, got some bland food in my stomach, checked the mail, and got on the Internet. Here, I felt a little better as I started collecting some swag.

First, in the mail, I received a free sample of Kleenex, because hey, free Kleenex. I’ll be keeping it at work as emergency cold catchers. Thanks, Freebies Sub-Reddit.

Also in the mail, I got a Klout perk for Chili’s “2 for 20” steak meal, which is a $25 gift card for Chili’s. Bonus free meal for Shannon and I, thanks to having Klout.

Online, I was able to collect a bit more Swagbucks and cash out for $5 for Amazon, bringing my “beer money” Amazon total to $13. Since I’m not expecting a lot out of it, I’m finding that pretty awesome.

Finally, before I logged off last night, I noticed a Tweet talking about a special on 3D Computer Software, $800 worth for free to get people into design. So, I scored and downloaded that, hopefully to use on a new PC we’re hoping to get by the end of the month.

Needless to say, with Swag coming in, I wasn’t worrying about writing last night. And tonight won’t be much, as I have to pack and get things around for my trip tomorrow afternoon.
I am going to try to get some general reading posts put up for the days I’m gone, though, so we’ll see what happens there, if I can get that done.

I hope you all have a good day, and stay away from the Sugar Free Hot Chocolate.

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