Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Monday Again

Good morning, everybody! Did we have a good weekend? I know mine was fairly uneventful. Grocery shopping, cleaning, some meal prep for the upcoming week, and trying to get some more life out of my dying laptop was the order of the weekend.
First things first, exercise. I’m starting to get back on the horse, having hit the treadmill for 1.76 miles and the bike for 3.20. That’s not a lot, it’s not something I’m happy with, but I’m at least doing something again. Plus, I’m back to doing pushups at work again, but I unfortunately didn’t track those last week. I’m really pushing myself to get back to a day on/day off schedule this week, so we’ll see if I can walk the walk after talking the talk.
Something else that I would like to touch on is the “beer money” front. I’ve been plugging away at a couple of these, and I’ve dropped a couple more.
Now, the one that has been working best for me is Swagbucks. So far, I have $5 that have been deposited to Amazon, and $10 that are being verified and should be deposited by the end of the month. That’s been $15 deposited for running a video app on my phone at work, using the WiFi, for 50 points a day, doing searches and winning points that way, doing surveys, and other sundry tasks for 1-5 points here and there. $5 for Amazon is about 450 points, and I can do that with minimal effort over the course of a week or so, which is fine since I’ve heard they have a $25 a month limit. Remember, the goal here isn’t to get rich, or get a PS3 or something like that. The goal is just to be able to get a movie or book every month or so, and it looks like I’m on track for that through Swagbucks.
The other one that I’ve been keeping up with, although it has gone a lot slower, is Superpoints. They take 500 points for a gift card, and they don’t have as many opportunities that I have found. I haven’t had a chance to qualify for their surveys, and although I have some referrals, I’m only sitting at 400 points after a month. I’ve been pressing their “button” and spinning for random points, and even with 50 chances, I only get about 10-15 points a day. However, it takes no effort what so ever, so I’ll keep up with that since I’ll eventually get some more for Amazon.
The family is still gone, and will be gone for another month and a half or so. So there is that.
I’ll see you all tomorrow,

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