Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Musings

It’s Friday. The day to fry something up. Like bacon. Everybody fry up some bacon for FryDay.
Anyway, so ends another week. I really need to pump up the exercise over the weekend, and I’m certain I’ll be able to since I WON’T BE GOING ANYWHERE!
It’s Indianapolis, it’s Super Bowl Weekend, and we are full of football fans. I remember the football types in high school, and I know I won’t stand a chance out there. I just figure I’m going to make sure I’m stocked with food, and I’m just going to watch Netflix, play games, and hit the fitness center this weekend. At least, I wish I could.
I still have some family tech support this weekend, mainly heading out to my folks place to back up my mom’s Office files and install a new version of Microsoft Office. I also need to check up on my father’s laptop, make sure everything is okay, and make sure he doesn’t need anything else installed. Then, I need to make sure I have everything ready for the trip to California next week, load up some Doctor Who on the Netbook, and make sure my Zune and Nook are totally updated. Make sure I have shorts packed, I have my toiletries, and my room booked.
I’ll be staying at the Candy Cane Inn off property. Now, off property at Disneyland just means you’re about as far as the parking garage is, just in the opposite direction. Plus, they don’t charge for parking, they have a nice breakfast buffet, and free wi-fi for when I’m NOT at the park, so I might be able to get something up after all. Just, don’t hold your breath. Which, I know you are.
I love that whenever you get a refund from TurboTax they say “That’s money in your pocket.” I’d rather of had that money in my pocket months ago when it was initially taken out. I guess that’s just life when you’re living in America. I guess I’m at least getting a little back, especially since I earned a pittance last year. However, a pittance is still better than nothing, so I’ve got that going for me.
With that being said, does anyone know an affordable body shop in the Indianapolis area that could work on a Scion xb’s rear bumper?
‘Til tomorrow,

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