Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thoughts on a Tuesday

It’s a quarter after 8 in the morning as I’m writing this, and I just got a call from the Pacific Time Zone. When I answered it, there was nobody on the line. Seriously, it’s a quarter after 5 in the morning. Why are you making calls when you don’t intend to say anything? Are you sleep dialing? I just don’t understand.
But anyway…
How are you this morning?
I know I’m doing pretty good. Walked a bit at lunch yesterday, but I went a bit harder than I was planning, and ended up straining some muscles. Yeah, I’m back at square one, where .9 miles at a little shy of 17 minutes a mile is kicking my bum. However, when I got home, there was a box from Amazon waiting for me, and receiving more Doctor Who blu-rays is always something that improves the mood. After making a sandwich, I got online, did a survey for Swagbucks, did some projects on Mturk for a couple of dollars, and then went to the Xbox and turned on Netflix.
I found out that the new My Little Pony cartoon is on there, so I know what I’m going to have to watch that eventually with the Geekling. However, you will never hear me refer to myself as a “Brony.” I was also interested to see that GI Joe: Renegade was also on there, so I watched the first episode, and went, “Okay, that was… hrm. I’ll give it a few more episodes, but it’s better than that movie that came out a couple years ago.”
I am a little irritated that Netflix is streaming fine on the Xbox, but YouTube is being a pain in the arse. Over the past few days, both Geek and Sundry and The Nerdist Channel have premiered on YouTube, and I was really looking forward to checking out some of their offerings, like Tabletop with Wil Wheaton or Celebrity Bowling with Chris Hardwick, but nope! I would pull up the video, it would play for 30 seconds, and then it would start loading again. And keep loading. And keep loading. And it wouldn’t stop. So, I’ll try again today, and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll pull it up on the PC. If that doesn’t work, I’ll pull it up on the phone.
So here we go, it’s another day of inane ramblings. No focus, no plan, just me.
Thanks for sticking with me,

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