Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm back

Good day, peoples.
I apologize for the last couple of days. Quite honestly, I hit a point where I was totally over any form of social media, or really anything on the Internet. I didn’t want to get online. I didn’t want to comment on anything. I didn’t want to start any conversations. I just didn’t want to be online.
So, I didn’t.
I think I put a tweet up that posted on Facebook in case anyone actually noticed I was missing, and just ignored Social Media that day. Instead, when I got home, I played Fallout 3.
A lot.
I think in the last two days, I’ve put in 9 hours. For me, that is a lot of gaming. I had forgotten how enjoyable that game is, how creepy it can be wandering the Capitol Wasteland alone. I’ve been spending the time walking around, discovering locations on the map and doing my best not to die. I figure today, after “Payday Burritos” with a coworker, then I’ll stop wandering, and actually continue the quest itself.
I also had a chance to catch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. It’s about what I expected; popcorn flick with Tom Cruise showing how awesome he believes he is, but I did enjoy Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner in it. I also enjoy that I can watch these films and forget precisely how crazy Cruise can be from time to time.
Finally, I got a set of old golf clubs from my father that I’m going to clean up and use to start hitting the driving range near my apartment. I’m hoping to get some rounds in with my brother and my father this summer.
I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope to see you tomorrow!

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