Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, Is Anyone Hiring?

So, is anyone hiring?
No, I don’t want to leave my current job. I like it here. The pay isn’t bad, the management team is great, and I love the people I work with. However, insurance isn’t cheap, and I’m losing about $350 a check to cover myself and my family. When money is tight, that’s more than I can afford, but I can’t go without insurance, can I? And I ESPECIALLY can’t have my daughter go without insurance, so my hands are pretty much tied there.
Since my job is Monday through Friday, 8AM-5PM, I’m trying to find a gig that’s nights and weekends. Honestly, even at minimum wage, if I could find someplace giving me 20-25 hours a week, that will help with the deficit enough to get us out of the hole, and perhaps let us not worry about food.
I’m not complaining too much. At least I have a job, and insurance, but it’s lousy that I have a job that pays over minimum wage where I still can’t afford to eat. We don’t have cable, we have cell phones but they are our main sources of communication since we’re not paying for a landline. We do pay for AT&T Internet service, which after the first year jacked itself up from $25 to $40 a month, but we can’t find anything cheaper. Our water bill is included in rent, and went up 50% last month for no discernible reason. Citizen’s Gas raised our bill about 20% last month, which is odd because I didn’t run the heat, and a new water heater was put in that should be more efficient. We don’t buy new movies or video games, that’s why I’m doing the online survey sites for gift cards. The newest clothes I have are some socks and underwear that I purchased right after Christmas.
We don’t spend much, yet we still are short almost $200 a month before we factor in food and gas. We are actually worse off now than we were this time last year, and personally, not much has changed.
Now, part of the issue with Shannon finding work is child care. That’s expensive. What is the point of Shannon finding a job, when it’s just going to pay for someone to watch the Geekling while she’s working?
I’m spending this week with job applications, since I know some companies are starting to staff for the summer, and they’re looking for part time workers. This is my best hope right now.
So, wish me luck.
And are you hiring?

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