Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Like Free

Good morning, everybody! How are we doing, today? And why is it, whenever I ask that, I just envision an empty room with the sounds of crickets in the air? I guess that’s what I get when I mentally sigh whenever I read the comments on something like Youtube, or a news article.
So last night, I received some happy news on the “free” entertainment front: I have enough in Amazon to order the fifth series of Doctor Who! So yep, I’ve got that on its way. So far, through Swagbucks, Mturk, and a pathetically long amount of time with Superpoints, I have scored that, both Matt Smith Christmas Specials, and the David Tennant Specials on Blu Ray, plus the ebook of “Nerd Do Well” by Simon Pegg from Barnes & Noble.
I’m really enjoying doing these little tasks online to grab a little extra money. Considering how bad our financial situation is right now, any free entertainment is good. Plus, free entertainment that is based around the home is better. With gas being so unpredictable, and still hovering close to the $4 a gallon mark, even a short trip to someplace like the Children’s Museum with my parents, or to the park, costs more than we can afford. The thing is, it’s not my job. My job actually pays a decent amount, but… the insurance. When I have coverage for both Shannon and I, plus the Geekling, then we’re talking in excess of $300 a paycheck. That’s not a month, that’s a PAYCHECK. Every two weeks. That hurts, that REALLY hurts. Add that to rent increasing, along with our gas and water bills, and the money for anything “fun” has disappeared.
Looks like it’s time to start browsing r/frugal and reading some of my friend’s frugality blogs a bit closer, eh?
I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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