Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zombies and Podcasting

Good morning, peoples!
Yesterday, it seems that it wasn’t just the library and the black bean quesadillas that had to wait. By the time I was done at my friend’s place, playing zombie board games, having a beer, and eating birthday cake, it was time to haul my arse to IHOP for The Pony Hour podcast. By the time THAT was finished, it was almost 10:30, and I was hungry and tired, so I went home, devoured a burrito, and crashed.
That’s not to say I didn’t have fun, or that I regret anything. When I went over to Wayne’s, we played a 3-Player version of “Last Night on Earth.” I have written on this game before, but this time we had a scenario we were playing, and I was the zombies. I lost this time, on the final turn. If I had understood what was going on better, I probably would have been more aggressive and moved some of my zombie horde differently, but I really can’t complain, because it was fun, and that’s what really counts. However, the game took us until 7PM, and I had to be at the IHOP on 96th and I-69 at 8PM, so I really didn’t have a chance to go, work out, get showered, and be able to go be in public.
So I pulled in at 7:45 at Ye Old Purveyor of Pancakes, parked beside Kahuna One, and headed in to see Josh and the Kahuna. I love meeting with these guys, even when they’re not recording. When they are recording? I am glad that they’re willing to let me play with them. They’re funny, they’re easy going, and I can make a geek joke or reference, and one of them will get it. They are goofy, they are weird, they have good life tales, and occasionally they let me speak. I hope to one day have a podcast where I can have them as guests.
Oh, and yes, one day, I will have podcasting happening. Audio, video, I’m going to have my own channel and everything. It will happen, this I vow.

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