Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Photobucket Fail

So, today I’ve typed up and have ready to post more blogs for both The Troxell Pack and Geeking In Indiana, yet I haven’t been able to post them up.
Because I have pictures that I want to attach. Since I really can’t send the photos to my work machine, I uploaded them using my Photobucket app to Photobucket’s website last night.
This morning, around 9AM eastern time, I went to log in and grab the photos to insert into the blog posts, and I was told it was under a period of “short maintenance.”
It is now almost 3PM, and I still do not have access to my photos.
This website has one job. ONE. JOB. And the time I need it to do that job, it fails.
So, this is short today, as I’m looking to set up a different online photo host, and add integrating a gallery onto my website plans.
Have a good one,

EDIT: At 3:48PM eastern, I was finally able to access my photos. I am starting the process this evening of finding a different host for them, and then either deactivating my account, or just setting the password to gibberish, putting in a different email addy, and leaving it to rot, whichever option I'm given.

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