Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy July!

Happy July, everybody!
It’s Monday and a split week this week, with this guy working Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for the 4th, then back Thursday and Friday. Tonight is the night that I also bring my girls to the airport to see them off on a few week trip to Southern California, where it’s actually cooler than Indiana right now. I’m hoping they have a good time, and while I will miss them, I know it will only be a couple of weeks, and I’ll just keep myself busy while they’re gone.
Keeping myself busy shouldn’t be too difficult. I have some schemes and plans that I need to really get into motion, and this is going to give me the extra time to do so. Another thing I’ve noticed is that, while they are gone, my social calendar starts to get full. I think a major part of that is, I don’t feel bad about going anywhere or missing my family. The Geekling gets upset when one of us leaves, and while I know it’s good for her to get used to, it still kinda heart breaking to hear her “Daddy be right back? Daddy go to office?” as I walk out the door, since I don’t spend enough time with her as it is. As for Shannon, I know she’s glad to get me out of her hair, so I’m not bothered there.
Tomorrow evening, I’m trying to head over to CarmelFest to catch their talent show since one of the Good Guys from The Twitter is performing, and even though I’ve never met the dude face to face, I want to be there to show my support. What else are online friends for?
Wednesday is the 4th, and since I’m off work, I’ll be spending part of the day working online trying to get some websites up, and then when my little brother gets off work, we’ll be heading out to my folks house for some grilling and perhaps to catch a movie. Either way, it’ll hopefully be a good time, and if not, I’m making sure I’m driving so I can escape.
Thursday is Tour De Thursday, and it’ll hopefully be a lot cooler this week than it was last week! Before I go, though, I’m getting a water bottle holder for my bike, along with a small bag so I don’t have to wear my vest while riding any more. It’s too bloody hot for that, plus I don’t want to cover over the nifty shirt that they were kind enough to provide for everybody!
Friday and the weekend are open right now, since I know I don’t have the money to hit InConJunction or the Days of the Dead conventions this weekend. However, who knows what will happen?
Needless to say, it’ll be a full week with a lot to do, and hopefully a bit to write about.
As always, thanks for visiting and reading my ramblings. I really appreciate it.
Take care, folks.

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