Friday, July 20, 2012

Elbow Down!

Good day, everybody. It’s Friday, I’m in a world of pain, let’s begin.
See, a few days ago, I decided to lay down on the couch and play Fallout 3 to unwind. Well, I guess I had to unwind a LOT, because the next thing I knew, I’d been laying there for about 3 hours, with my right elbow bent and up in the air as I was holding the controller. That elbow has been extremely sore since that evening, but I’ve been stretching it out and it seemed to be doing better.
Yesterday, after the Tweet Up Events, I was doing work on the PC, downloading the Guild Wars 2 beta and just putzing around. Since things were taking a while, I decided to do some pushups in between tweets, and on the third one my right elbow made a POP sound, and down I went.
So, I am now in a boatload of pain. It hurts to type, which is why this is so short, and I will be avoiding much of social media for the foreseeable future, as it involves, well, typing. Sleeping last night wasn’t in the cards, as every time I rolled over it felt like someone was slicing into my elbow with a dull knife.
Oh, and doctor? What’s that? Yeah, I have insurance, but because of insurance costs, I can’t afford the co-pay to go see anyone.
So I’ll just be over here in the corner if you need me, finding some way to hold my arm that doesn’t hurt, and then not moving.
Have a good weekend,

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