Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I Don't Know

Merry Christmas in July! I’m celebrating by testing my theory that no one can tell that you’re not wearing any pants at the Front Desk.
I just need to remember not to stand up.
Anyway, we’re halfway through the week, and I have a bow tie on again. I have to wear the bow tie at least once a week around here, or else people start worrying about me. The issue is, only having one self-tie available is making that single tie wear out very quickly.
Speaking of wearing out quickly, this coffee had better kick in fairly quick. Seriously, it’s office coffee. It has ONE job, and it’s obviously not to taste good. I KNOW it’s not decaf, because I’m the one who makes it, so it needs to get its job done.
So I was wondering, why the heck do you need a bachelor’s degree to work Tier 1 Tech Support? Seriously, I was looking at some job listings last night that has simple, entry level positions that require a college degree. I guess that’s too bad for me, since when I attended college, I did everything but my classes. I was on hall council, I was active with volunteer organizations, I worked in the computer labs and at the radio station, and I was pretty much all over the place. I was known by many, but not because I had classes with them. Hey, we’ve all made decisions that we aren’t proud of, but sometimes you have to own them and not brush them under the rug, so you don’t repeat the mistake.
The problem that I have with the mistakes, though, is in trying to remember them so I don’t repeat them, I also dwell on them. I really do have a tough time letting things go. The problem is, this gets in the way of moving forward, but I’m working on that.
Stay positive, do it for my family, I have to keep telling myself these things.
Stay positive, do it for my family. Do it for my girls.

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