Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Working Out and Job Hunting

Yes, I know I skipped a day yesterday. However, the day went on, birds kept singing, the sun kept shining, and all continued as it would had I written something, so let’s move on.
The good news is, I got back to the gym last night, doing both the bike and the treadmill, but also experimenting with some weights. I used the gym at the office complex where I work, and met up with some co-workers there. One thing that I put a little thought into, but not enough: my co-workers get off work at 11PM, and don’t have to be in until between Noon and 2PM, where as I get in around 7AM. Between the workout, the lateness of the hour, and lack of sleep, I’m worn out. However, will I go back? Damn straight. Once I get better shorts.
Oh, and one down side to the fitness center at the complex: all the windows show your reflection, whether you’re on a treadmill, or an elliptical, or a bike, reminding you that you’re a fatty and you know it.
Yesterday, I actually found three legit job leads on Craigslist. Yeah, I know, right? I guess that since I’m looking for Part-Time work in a very specific region, I can mentally filter out the spam and look for what I need. I look for someplace from a legit storefront that I’m familiar with, leading to a legit website.  Through there, I put in applications at The Lego Store, The Container Store, and at the new Teavana that is opening in Castleton Square. Well, yesterday evening I got a call back from The Lego Store, and I’m headed in this evening for my first group interview with the brick people. I know I’m going to own this interview, however, owning it might not be what they’re looking for, so we’re going to play it by ear, and if it doesn’t work, I just keep looking. However, finally getting a call back on an application is encouraging and is helping to keep me going.
Last thing on my docket is I started watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars series last night. Haven’t had cable to watch it, and I found out that the library has the box sets, so I’m giving it a shot. Do they ever get out of the habit of trying to throw lines from the original trilogy in there to make people think of better times? Either way, it’s been enjoyable and I’m looking forward to watching a few more before the interview tonight.
I’ll talk to you all tomorrow, hopefully with good feelings about the interview!

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