Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Mean I Have to be SOCIAL?

Aw, yeah.
Busy, busy, BUSY day today!
Popped into the office at 7AM this morning to pick up an hour and do some extra work before ditching out at 10:30AM. I’m leaving early so I can go hit a Tweetup at Hubbard & Cravens at the Carmel City Town Center thingy that I’m not very familiar with at 11. What can I say? I never really go to Carmel. I barely have the money or the gas to drive around Castleton and Keystone, where I live.
So, I’ll be hanging around Carmel for about an hour, hoping they don’t smell the poverty on me and ride me out on a rail, and then I’m heading back to my comfort zone at 96th and Masters to hit a hot dog joint with some more Twitter folks. Processed meat by-products in tube form shall be consumed, and good times will be had, and then it’s time to head to the library.
At the library, I have a LOT of CD’s that I need to pick up, because I’ve been in the mood to listen to some Patton Oswalt, Gaelic Storm, and Flogging Molly. Yeah, I know, I’ve got some weird musical cravings. Plus, I have the next book in the Scott Pilgrim series to pick up, since I’m curious as to how it runs when compared to the movie, which I really enjoy. Once I’m done bombing around the library, it’s homeward bound.
At home, I’ll be doing some writing and some mturking, perhaps some surveys, actually doing some work until 6PM, when I’m packing up the bicycle and heading BACK into Carmel to the SoHo CafĂ© for a ride with Carmel Pedals. Then, it’s back home to continue moving photos from Photobucket to Picassa, and then off to blissful slumber until I’m back at work tomorrow.
And then tomorrow, I write about it.
Unless I think of something better.
Oh, and a little FYI: Tonight at midnight is the premier of The Dark Knight Rises. I am not going to be seeing this film until next weekend at the EARLIEST. Spoilers for a film are a real dick move, I try to limit my friendship and following of dicks, so if you do ANYTHING to spoil this film for me, you will be gone. Unfollowed, unfriended, blocked, nuked from orbit, because it’s the only way to be sure.
Until tomorrow,

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