Thursday, July 12, 2012

So The Hunt Continues...

Going in for job interviews at malls make me feel old. The employees are kids, the other applicants are kids, and none of them remember how the mall was when I started working there two mall renovations ago.
Yes, not only did I work in Castleton Square before there was an AMC, but I worked in Castleton Square before there was a food court.
I would go through everything I’ve done, but I’ve done that before, so I’ll just move on.
With the exception of the age thing, the job interview went well. I honestly think that some of my work experience, like being a Disneyland Cast Member, might work in my favor. However, the realist in me also knows that I’m 35 years old, and have management experience, so there’s the preconceived notion that I am set in my own ways as far as sales are concerned, I am not receptive to new methods of sales, and I will argue and undermine the manager at every step because I think my style is better.
However, I don’t want to manage. I just want a fun, part-time job where my responsibility is customer service and having fun. I want to earn some extra money so my family can start digging out of this financial hole we’re in and have one less stress. I want to build things out of small plastic bricks. I want to work someplace like the Lego Store.
If I can, this will be awesome. If I can’t, then I just pick up, move on, and keep looking. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m assuming that I’ll never hear from them again, and I’m still looking for something.
And the hunt continues…

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