Saturday, July 7, 2012

Playlist: Workout

I love music. Whenever I can, I like to have music playing. Heck, when I'm at work, I'm trying to get them to let me turn off the TV and turn on music. Classical, whatever, I don't care. I just like music. There are different types of music for different types of situations, as well. One doesn't want to listen to Dave Matthews Band when trying to put a toddler to sleep, and one doesn't want to listen to Mozart while trying to get moving and exercising.

I have a Zune music player, and I use the Zune Marketplace for my music, which gives you a big catalog of music that you are able to have unlimited downloads for for $15 a month. This lets me download a lot of stuff I like while spending little, legally. Yeah, I know I could do it for FREE illegally, but I'm not as big a fan of that as you might want to believe. I like to take a lot of that stuff and turn it into playlists. Car music, workout music, working music, all my Doctor Who music, Comedy, Movie Soundtracks, things like that.

I have a decent sized playlist on my Zune of music I listen to when I'm working out, and trying to stay active. It's music that makes me want to move, that makes me pick up the pace on the treadmill, or keep a steady pace on the bike. Now, I don't use it when I'm actually ON the bike, as I need to be aware of my surroundings, but for the exercise bike in the gym, it works.

It's about an hour and a half worth of music, and it is as follows:

  • "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns N' Roses
  • "Somebody Told Me" - The Killers
  • "All Because of You" - U2
  • "Party Rock Anthem" - LMFAO
  • "Sexy And I Know It" - LMFAO
  • "Bleed It Out" - Linkin Park
  • "Numb/Encore" - Linkin Park/Jay-Z
  • "Hideaway" - Rock Kills Kid
  • "Testify" - Rage Against The Machine
  • "Naked" - The Goo Goo Dolls
  • "Should I Stay or Should I Go" - The Clash
  • "Immigrant Song" - Led Zeppelin
  • "Flathead" - The Fratellis
  • "Feel Good Ince" - Gorillaz
  • "Bulls on Parade" - Rage Against The Machine
  • "The Distance" - Cake
  • "Sabotage" - Beastie Boys
  • "Bleed American" - Jimmy Eat World
  • "Here It Goes Again" - OK Go
  • "Keep The Car Running" - Arcade Fire
  • "Galvanize" - The Chemical Brothers
  • "Say This Sooner" - The Almost
  • "Paint It, Black" - The Rolling Stones
  • "Derezzed" - Daft Punk
  • "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand
  • "A Little Less Conversation (Jxl Radio Edit Remix)" - Elvis 
Now, this rotates around. I'll find a recommendation of a song, and add it on, then find out that when it comes up, I'll pull out the player and skip it, or it just slows me down or doesn't feel right. I love Rock Sugar's mash up, "Don't Stop The Sandman" but it didn't feel good to work out to.

So how about you? What do you exercise to?


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