Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Praising The Twitter

First off, the people I follow and who follow me on Twitter are awesome. I just can’t put it out there enough.
When I first joined The Twitter back in October of 2008, I honestly don’t know why I did it. You can’t get squat done with 140 characters, most celebrities I followed didn’t post anything of interest. So I would sparingly use it to rant about customers at work, and to promote the Geeking blogs when I was actively working on them.
I kinda puttered with it the first few years, mainly having it as an extra app on my smartphone, or an extra tab up on my browser. However, then I started interacting with people. And through those people, I started interacting with more people. No purpose, no reason, just because they were fun to interact with, with their kids and their unicorns and cat photos and bike rides.
So yes, I ended up networking with people, socially.
Yeah, I’ve been on other networks, but none have been this much fun. Facebook is all drama, casual games, and links to political articles. Myspace was profiles that sparkled more than a Twilight vampire, and people bugging you to play Mafia Wars. Google Plus is, well, it’s Google Plus. I like it, but no one is there. LinkedIn doesn’t like snark and fun. Tumblr? I’m not a brony. So Twitter has been my drug of choice.
Through Twitter, I have found friends, both new and old. I have had opportunities to do things like Carmel Pedals and guest on The Pony Hour Podcast. I’m “running” the Tap N’ Run this weekend because of people I know on there. I have won contests for anything from Blu-Rays to concert tickets. For about a month, I had “Free Food Friday” using gift cards I had won through there.
I admit that this is kind of a rambling post inspired by this one by CS_indy talking about using Twitter and social media wrong, and it had me thinking that if I’m doing it wrong, I don’t want to be doing it right.
Through social media, and especially Twitter, I have friends that have been very supportive. I have friends that are very funny. I have friends with multiple Twitter accounts that are obsessed with unicorns and cats on Pinterest.
And I wouldn’t give any of them up.

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