Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gas Station Pizza and an Experiment

8:42AM: Brain dead, coffee not kicking in. About ready to make a big mistake. I’m going to go to Twitter to ask for a blog topic.
8:44AM: Tony Troxell @tokarrai  Mistake time: if you were to go to my blog today, what would you want to read about? #BrainDead #TryingSomething
8:49AM: Still waiting. Told The Twitter that I’ll take the first topic that’s thrown at me.
8:54AM: Told that I’m a “Brave, brave soul” by @mattdantodd. Asked if that was an idea or an observation. Awaiting response.
9:05AM: Been told not to write about “Mellisa & Joey” because it’s “the crazys are out for blood on that one” by @sssemester and also been asked if someone has asked me about unicorns yet. Giving this until a quarter after 9.
9:22AM: Experiment failed. However, I was inspired by a posting on the Hyper Monkey Media blog (follow it, it’s awesome) about pizza, and a conversation that’s been happening yesterday, so I’m going to roll with that.
Yesterday, a friend wrote a blog post about Gas Station Pizza. He’s from Chicago, and according to him, they take their pizza very seriously. Honestly, I just thought they took their pursuit of Jake and Elwood very seriously, but I guess I shouldn’t allow my education of the Windy City to be from The Blues Brothers.
After reflecting on pizza he loved up there, he discussed finding pizza and other foods at Speedway. He also mentioned that while he has no beef with Speedway, he takes issue with “certain foods being sold at a place where you feed your car.”
Now, here is where I disagree. Say I’m on a road trip, or I’m just tooling around Indiana. My car needs gas, and I’m hungry. I pull into a Speedway, it takes $40 to fill up the gas tank of the Cardis, and I go inside the convenience store to find something to munch on. Do I just grab some chips and a Twinkie and go? Oh no, I’m going to look at the warm stuff. The pizza. The big arse taquitos. The sandwiches. Are they gourmet? Heck no. Do they sit in your stomach, at least until the first rest area? Hopefully.
However, I’m not a smart man.
Needless to say, I do believe I am pro-gas station pizza, and the general consensus of people I asked (1) agree that if they’re hungry, they’ll at least try it.
Tomorrow: Pie Wars.

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