Thursday, June 21, 2012

Library Card!

So yesterday, I realized that since I have an Indiana driver’s license, it is now easy for me to get a library card. So, before the office network went down yesterday, I printed out the form, filled it out, and headed over to the Lawrence branch to get it taken care of.
I was able to get the card with minimal fuss, after a little mix-up with someone else in the system with the same first and middle name as mine. I guess Anthony Lee is common enough to throw off a librarian. Anyway, after getting the card, I kind of skimmed around, making note that the branch was smaller than what I was used to in Henry County, or Rancho Cucamonga, CA. After getting a feel, I left without checking anything out.
Then, last night, I got online and registered my online account. That is when it clicked that I was just in a branch of a large system. I started putting together my want list, all to be picked up at my local branch. I have comic books on my list, I have the second book in the Newsflesh Zombie/Blogger series and The Nerdist Way on my list, I have Animaniacs DVD’s and CD’s for the Geekling on my list. And this was just after poking around a bit. I still need to peek through my Want To Read list, figure out what I want to read that I don’t already have digitally.
Speaking of digitally, they also have loaning of books for eReaders. Since I have a Nook, albeit a dying Nook, I like this and I’ve put a couple of those on my hold list as well. They also allow 3 MP3 downloads from the Sony catalog a month, and they have some hard to find albums on there, that I haven’t been able to find via Amazon or random web searching. Audio Books will be good if I have any more long road trips, although I do normally listen to Podcasts for that.
So, I now have access to books, comics, magazines, cd’s, DVD’s, Audio Books, Digital Content, and a collection of children’s entertainment that will hopefully help me teach the Geekling about borrowing vs. owning, sharing, and treating others property with respect.
Yeah, I know I’m just now catching up with all my frugal friends, but I’m just very excited. Now, if only they carried Xbox 360 games, but I thought it was weird that the library in Rancho Cucamonga, CA carried those in the first place.
Now to wait for my hold list notifications to come rolling in…

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